The hit system or whatever its called is totally busted

so recently i started gettin way worse at the game, didnt really know why. i mean i had some shots that i thought shoulda landed and killed but didnt but thought it was my fault or whatever, yeah turns out it aint and something is busted
youre gonna just have to trust me on this cause i dont have the og clip, but i was in fiesta and i shot a dude with a sniper to the torso, his shields were down already so it shoulda killed him, but no damage. then when i went into theater to look back at it and allofa sudden in theater mode the guy was way further away when i know for a fact he was on my reticle in the match

so i guess somehow 343 messed up some kinda network thing i guess? it explains a lot least but until then this game is basically unplayable for me cause now i guess i just have to shoot next to my enemies to actually hit em


I honestly feel like they outsourced their netcode or had some college interns make it for free, because the hit registration is so busted, you can watch people shrug off 3 melees, 3 back smacks, 2 snipes, all your AR ammo, a rocket, etc, and then one hit you with a melee from the front or kill you in under a second with their AR or Commando. Almost everyone is feeling the pain with this botched server nonsense


This problem is not new. It has always been like this. Halo multiplayer has always had lag, data loss and other network problems especially in southern and eastern European countries. UK, Ireland, Holland can play well with main servers. Germany and France a little worse and the rest of European countries enjoy a shameful multiplayer. It has always been like this. Well, if you play while others are sleeping you can have a good game or at least a less “fake” game. hahaha.


I second this. It’s not new, but I think the strict SBMM across all the game modes really brings this issue to more light because it’s matching based on skill over connection.

The azure servers just aren’t enough right now. They need to deploy upgrades at some point, it can’t be like this for the entire life cycle.


The netcode is atrocious. I’ve been killed behind corners or cover countless times. Sometimes I’m getting shot before the enemy rounds the corner. Near unplayable.


No it has not, you just have really bad internet or live in an unpopular country.

If you play MCC it’s no where near this bad.

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I have countless clips of this game being broken, it makes me want to uninstall and only come back 5 years from now.

It’s felt especially worse for me this week since the update for some reason.

so what? its still a problem and it should be fixed

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Welcome to the world of awful server side desync coupled with poor tick rates. The desync issue has been well documented several weeks ago and a 343 CM responded to the Reddit thread saying they’d run the issue up the flagpole to the devs.

It’s one of the worst server desync issues I’ve seen in modern gaming. It’s entirely why hit registration, melees, back smacks, and vehicle gameplay are completely FUBAR.

People saying “halo has always been bad” aren’t entirely wrong but this is the worst it’s ever been dating all the way back to 2004.


i mean i had issues with reach lag and stuff but that was still different. yknow that was the obviois teleportin crap, here it looks fine on my screen but in reality the guy im shootin at is like to the right or whatever
its also that reach came out a decade ago

guess it just reminds me of the way 343 does uis too, they also take forever to load and feel really buggy

The server issues make this game barely even playable when you start playing ranked

You can turn on ping so it shows in the top right. It’s in settings under UI. There’s a checkbox for network statistics.

It’s amazing, even in games where my ping is 20-25, I still take shots around corners and a lot of shots don’t register


Here’s a great video I watched that shows how broken it is with even a melee. Read the comments too. People have dumped SPNKr rockets, bulldog shots, half their BR or AR ammo, only for someone to one hit them with a melee or one shot them with their sidekick, AR, Commando, etc. It’s proven to be beyond busted, and 343 needs this fixed before Season 2, because it’s killing the game.


Be sure to read the comments for other people’s frustrated stories

Totally agree also they need to have the ability to turn off cross play because of the cheaters on PC I have hundreds of clips of freaking PC kids in onyx lobby tracking people through walls and pre-firing. I get so aggravated I go through all their past matches and look at and take clips from those and do a support ticket and I have like 16 still open and they have not gotten back to me yet

Server de-sync for sure, locations on screen are out of sync with where the server is registering them. Even a few millimeters makes all the difference in a game as such.

Check this one out

I had issues against one player for an entire game: check this one out @ 4:50 for a really crazy one

or just look at each chapter start here

love getting killed around corners honestly, lots of fun

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Often in a BR duel both me and my opponent are One-Shot and I always -Yoink!- die there after seeing my crosshair on their head and hear my gun shooting. It’s annoying af