The Hit Detection Encourages Bad Gameplay

This isn’t really a rant, just an observation about how the current build of the game is influencing player behavior.

With the desync and hit detection being so spotty, several behaviors become consistent throughout play:

  1. People rush and die too much. This is because they have learned that just drilling into a fight can sometimes work, and getting shot at all has already caused you to waste that life so you might as well take a chance that they’ll miss.

  2. People run from more fights. This is the opposite of the first behavior, but is inherently connected to the same problem. If you take a single shot from just about anything in this game, trying to whip around for the reversal is often pointless. You’re already dead unless they miss at minimum two shots and you are able to perfect them. The value in it is not there. Therefore less challenge fights occur than should, because a smart player knows that their k/d is going to impact their rank.

  3. If you’re shooting at someone and They don’t seem to be taking damage, it’s best to just stop trying and even run from the fight. This encourages a lack of teamshot synergy and you will inevitably see more people waiting for a fight to be over before coming back into the fray.

  4. People spam grenades more often because at least explosives work some when it’s laggy. This gets teammates killed in ranked as much as anything.

I don’t like how much these things are influencing gameplay. Onyx players are literally hiding around corners waiting for cleanup kills after their teammates die because that gets them more rank benefits, for instance, than working together with that teammate and having both of you come out alive. This is a constant, and is occurring every game. As long as the hit detection is so inconsistent, gunplay is going to be really frustrating.

We need a Hard fix, and it needs to be the first thing that they work on instead of something months or years down the line.

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I don’t unless I got an entire team with me to be that aggressive.

I mean, if it’s me against 2 or 3, yea if I can. If I can’t I will try to kill at least one or leave a nade behind.

I have yet to encounter this.

This has always happened. In any FPS that has nades…

Do you play on Xbox or pc