The Heretic Uprising is expanding

What’s up fellas, I’m Monty, the leader/creator and manager of the The Heretic Uprising, a company that started 6 months ago and has left quite a mark in the hearts of many. We hit 100 members in just two weeks after our creation, we were founded on a bunch of solo players that never intended to meet anyone but alas how the winds of change has swept us to a new plain. Over the months we’ve accomplished much, one of our most notable accomplishments is gaining the Achilles armor, but honestly our most treasured accomplishment is the friendships we’ve made. Out of our current 88 members, about 20 of us are now on a first name basis with one another, we’ve even joined a fantasy league and some have even added each other on social media, all because of the love of Halo. We don’t bash, we don’t hate, we aren’t competitive, and we don’t even require members to party up. We have a few rules about attendance but that’s mainly due because we want the Achilles helmet.

I write weekly forums, quirky and unsolicited, with upcoming 343 news as well as stupid little stories. We also use GroupMe, a free mobile app that acts as a 24/7 live chat-room for members only. You can see who’s on before you even turn on the ole box. We want to have fun, we tease eachother and we -Yoink!-… a lot.

Some of us are in college, some are in high school, some have families, and some are just looking for some friends. Check us out, read our bio. We are expanding and if you’re cool with our rules and want to help us get the Achilles helmet then we’d be glad to accept you. Hell, if your Company is under 10 or so members, let me know, maybe we’ll even absorb you and all your buddies. One thing I should mention is that you’ll need to have a good sense of humor because we can get pretty dirty… haha

- Monty