The Hellions Spartan Company now recruiting

Hey all!

The Hellions are recruiting if anyone’s interested and looking to join a company some info:

  • UK based but anyone welcome.
  • Ranks will be given out based on promotion of The Hellions and commitment ingame.
  • Teamplay and many ingame events and meetups planned. See and like for info:
  • All for one one for all attitude.
  • Looking for decent folk up for a laugh who also like to play competitively.
  • All modes and game types will be catered for. Idea is to build a full company so we will always have company members online to play with.
  • Spearhead the future of Halo with plenty of good times with new Xbox Halo friends on your friends list.

Enlist now!

Bumpy bump bump! If you’re looking for a great UK based team join us! We also accept people from all time zones so you’ll always have people in the company to play with!