The HCS Cancelled

Looks like the optic invitational is cancelled. No official word just yet. But ticket sales have stopped and no teams were ever invited. Fans who bought tickets, flights, and hotels are now SOL.
Event is supposed to be next week. But top orgs are leaving the scene. The ones who are staying won’t pay thousands for flights during peak holiday season. Also worth noting it’s a cowboys home game that same weekend.

Considering how the HCS is wildly unprofitable for 343 and all the orgs involved, should 343 just cancel the whole HCS program?

343 puts lots of money and resources into running the HCS. Perhaps they should use those resources and funds to finish fixing the game. Makes no sense to payout another $2 million to pro players when your company is short staffed and overworked. Skip year 2 and come back strong for year 3 could be the move.

All the pros getting low key rich off of the HCS and the orgs they get signed to. So they will be really upset along with the rest of those who compete. But they won’t be upset when that time and money is used to fix the game and revive the franchise.

Do you think the HCS should continue? why or why not?


I’m sad because it affects my chance to get Gladiator’s Edge items from Twitch.

But I don’t really care for HCS. I wish they would spend more time adding new weapons and fun things like playable Covenant that are probably incompatible with competitive scene. That said I think Microsoft gave 343 a blank cheque to promote esports.


True. But the money is good for them now. monthly salary and prize pool earnings are making a lot of pros 6 figs this year.


Only way it’s not, by definition, is if 343 considers GA “inside” of reasonable play

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HCS is heading into Season 2/ Year 2. The first major is supposed to be the last weekend in February assuming both invitationals were cancelled. There’s no other events planned besides that. Normally HCS drops the entire year timeline at once. So that’s not a good sign. If you ask the HCS community on twitter, they’ll swear HCS saved the game and boast how successful it was based on viewership numbers alone. But a majority of viewers are AFK people waiting for drops (how else are you gonna get free cosmetics in the game?)

I’ve heard 343 is strongly considering pulling the plug on HCS. Which is why I wanted to bring it to community attention. Personally I like the HCS, been watching Halo Esports since Halo 2 MLG. I want HCS to stick around. But it’s becoming increasingly hard to see how that’ll be feasible. Cloud 9 left Halo after getting 2nd place at the $1M worlds. Even then, they didn’t see enough ROI to continue investing. They were taking a loss on their Halo team and idk any org that’s profitable in Halo. idk if the HCS itself is profitable either.

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343i had pay too much attention on HCS far more than normal range maybe for making more profit, now they should do may be is remove resourse from it to make the experience of social game/custom game/campain better.
Actually I think halo is a game suitable for esports, but esports not its real core.


Is it really exciting to watch? That can be subjective but I think a majority will say no, and it’s showing. Xbox/343 will bait people in to view the HCS with perks and in game BS. That was most of the viewers right there. Nobody wants to watch a bunch of “pro” players run around using a controller aiding them dramatically. What you see these “pros” do, the average Joe can also do.

You like racing? Imagine if they tried racing with trains and train tracks. How exciting would that be?

You like bowling? Imagine if they grooved the lanes so the ball also hits the pins.

It’s the lack of skill needed that made HSC boring. Which isn’t the players fault, and this is why they’re bored of it. Xbox/343 wanted a wider audience, hence the reason free to play and available on old Xbox One consoles and PC day one. They also wanted your grandma to be able to pick up a controller and play it.

KBM would have saved Halo in the eSports scene but when everybody found out how OP controller was, they picked controller for competing. Snip3down was the first one to admit why he picked controller, others started speaking out about why they picked controller but in a more “not hurt denial controller players” feelings.

HCS should have been KBM only so the audience could watch actual humans playing to game.


That would have been glorious and ended the ‘you can plug a controller into a PC’ slander. This game is so much fun on M&KB and the player movement is more advanced than what we see ‘cracked’ HCS players accomplish in-game. Their movement is so rigid and primative.

Idk if there are problems or if it’s on-par for how inept everyone in the scene is at managing these things but it’s looking like the Optic invitational will not be going ahead. Fans will be left out of pocket from flights and hotel bookings, I’ve seen people trying to get answers from Tashi/Optic on Twitter and they’re met with scilence. Losing that much money this close to Christmas has got to sting.

Ticket sales for the main event closed 4 days ago. The Open bracket was supposed to be last weekend (we were told it was going to be broadcast, there is no VOD). From what people are saying no teams have been ‘invited’ to the invitational (because the teams are all falling apart). There are no prizes known.

As part of digging around to see if the Optic invitational will be a flop I did find the v1.05 rulebook .pdf, GA’s are still considered cheating. I won’t be watching because it won’t be going ahead.

I think the best players at the game will find a way to compete against each other. The cream rises to the top. I do not know if HCS should continue. I hope some form of a competitive community survives. I have invested a lot into the competitive history of Halo. That being said, competitive gaming has become an advertisement. Maybe it always was… Although, when I was a teenager playing and watching Halo 2/3, the competition did not feel like an advertisement. But who is the target audience of this advertisement? Also, what is being sold?

On a separate note, the future of competitive gaming, if not already, is who can program a better AI.


Maybe they should develop a good game first and then hunt for e$port$ dollaridoos. Serves them right :facepunch:


Cancel hcs, and have them give my watchdog back

Srsly tho- like in the begining with ce, bungie never created a pro scene, it evolved naturally, and they assisted it.
Ms-343 should let competitive halo hibernate for a bit, fix their game. Let forge and multiplayer coexist and evolve together for a time, then step in and assist.
Hcs seems like it has been forced since 343 started it.


I only would watch those Twitch streams to get the drops.


I haven’t watched HCS in a long time, I very briefly watched a bit of one event. It would probably be beneficial to cancel HCS until the game is in better shape. If it can even be salvaged at this point. I have actually uninstalled infinite. Haven’t played in a long time. The mechanics of the game were solid but every thing else was just lacking, especially the multiplayer maps. Cancel HCS and put all money and effort into Infinite.


A big chuck of their viewers did also.

The cream always rises to the top! Yeah!

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Its funny when you said that I was trying to think what pro would say that and the first one that popped in my mind was Spartan. He wasnt so angry all the time back in H5 before he let his health go.

H3 MLG was when I first started watching and it was really entertaining. Reach and 4 were boring as hell because it was the same as H2 and H3 but lower quality maps, modes, and competition. Halo 5 made things interesting again with all the new mechanics. Then Halo Infinite made it boring again because they reverted to the same slow paced gameplay H2-H4 had.

I watched almost every H3 and H5 tournament but basically ignored H4, Reach, and Infinite because its too boring to watch. I probably would have watched H2 if I was a couple years older

Considering the game was only released to pease the HCS tournament schedule. Will Microsoft drop infinite if HCS is cancelled?

To a large extent it already has, when I google ‘Gaming on Windows 11’ the Microsoft pages show me Forza #1, Minecraft #2 & Skyrim #3. No Masterchief. It could be region based or dependent on something like browser cookies but it’s how it appears for me. Halo is no longer the flagship title for Microsoft and gaming on the Windows platform. HCS has also completely changed the prize pool structure by removing any form of crowdfunding, kneecaping Pro earning potential.

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Looks like the optic invitational is cancelled. No official word just yet. But ticket sales have stopped and no teams were ever invited. Fans who bought tickets, flights, and hotels are now SOL.

As of ~1 hour ago ago, the Optic Invitational is now officially cancelled. Ticket holders are getting refunded and people officially associated with the production are saying it is cancelled.

The reason provided is “due to challenges with getting enough Halo teams”.

Probably too late to get a refund on flights/airbnb for most.

You beat me to it lol
But there’s more to the story here. Their reason for cancelling is a lie. Pros are saying they never got an invite or heard anything about the event.

idk why yall hate on spartan so much. I’ve known him for 6 years now and can confirm he’s a real one and not afraid to speak up. I can’t say that about 90% of the other HCS competitors.

idk why yall hate on spartan so much.

I think it’s reasonable to ‘hate’ on Spartan when he is so disparaging to fellow HCS competitors and fans of the HCS. When the HCS twitter account tags FaZe or posts to promote their skins if you ‘click through’ for more information you’re met with vitriol. Spartan has, in a direct manner, called HCS Open Bracket players “********” and “*******” . He’s also told fans to ‘know their place’, and that they’re simply ‘minions’ to him. It’s despicable behavior. Imagine someone in another sport or league saying this type of thing, what do you think the repercussions would be? There are mechanisms in place to take action but nothing is happening so dissent festers.
His opinion is being platformed and further emboldened/promoted by official Halo social media. I don’t care if he’s been around for 6 years, have you seen the picture of the 2017 HCS finals? Halo is returning to that time by keeping players like him on board. He’s failed to develop as a player and is rightfully owed criticism.

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