The Hammers of Doisac recruitment

Hi everyone!

I am looking for new members for a newly formed Spartan Company known as The Hammers of Doisac. This is a company that prioritizes community building over the Achilles armor set but still does commendations and still strives for Achilles eventually. I am looking for committed members who can put a decent amount of time into Halo 5. Some things that the Hammers can promise you if you join are as follows: friendly management that’s always striving to do better, a great community, plenty of opportunity for advancement in the ranks, and plenty of Red vs. Blue references.

If you want to take a chance on a relatively young Company, go ahead and apply here at The Hammers of Doisac page. There are many open management positions that are currently somewhat easy to get, and I am open to any questions that anyone may have. Thanks!

Hello Stupid, My name is ChikknN. I am very new to the game, I just got it about 3 weeks ago, but on account of spring break, I haven’t been able to play very much. I really like your company’s name. It seems very original. So you guys are obviously pros, and I get that, so I don’t want to come in and screw up your company, but I’m looking for a place to be able to play with people. My favorite game modes in Halo are Super Fiesta, mostly because it’s the core halo experience, and Warzone Firefight. My favorite weapon is the SMG because it is the most overpowered standard issue firearm. I tend to use the Assault Rifle and Spartan Charge. I am the best with the Sniper, and I teamkill for it every chance I get. I am only an SR7, but I can pretty much get kills in Fiesta without even trying. I hope you will allow me into your spartan company