The Hammer, is hammering too well

I’m reasonably through the beta, probably 10-12 hrs of play so far, not exhaustive, but enough for some first impressions. I’ve been playing halo multiplayer since 2003 in every iteration. My most resounding impression so far is the Hammer is far too strong in it’s range, and outclasses every other close in weapon. It’s non-lunge AOE i think is the biggest imbalance.

As a secondary matter, there are a few weapons that are simply too weak to be competitive at all. the new pulse carbine is extraordinarily poor, even if combined w/ a weapon swap to headshot after shield-pop it’s TTK is uncompetitive.

The Ravager is similarly poor, only really effective in charge mode, which is on average less than 3 full charges per weapon.

I would also submit that if the Commando is so difficult to control, the payoff should be a little better. It needs to be a bit stronger, by only 1 or 2 shots. Shouldn’t be the majority of your mag if you’re hitting your rounds. 3 kills per full ammo load seems poor.

I love this game, feels like halo 3 to me, and less acrobatic than before, which is a good thing. Just my impressions. Great work 343, cant wait to play this game for a long time!



The sad thing is that these are all things that 343 “fixed” from previous technical preview weekends.

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Wait, the gravity hammer is good now? What on earth did I miss?

Hammer range is not too bad since it makes up for having no gravity anymore, but I personally would prefer the Reach hammer back, including the side swing quick melee

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I am really bad with the hammer. I have about 14 hours, half of that being fiesta and maybe have like 5 kills with the hammer? Half the time for me it doesn’t ground pound, it just makes a little dink noise and does no damage. I usually have to land direct hits to get a kill.

Now the sword on the other hand, give me that and a grapple and I am unstoppable.

Sword also needs to return to the Reach version with the melee block so you can stun other swords and break their shield, then lunge them while they’re stunned. Current sword sucks in sword vs sword combat.

I was looking for this too. I think sword v sword does parry. I only experienced it once, i assume that’s what happened.

I’ve had multiple instances where the gravity hammer range would clip through a blocking building, even vertical levels on Bazaar

I would suspect something to do with hit registration due to everything being calculated server side, instead of client side, with physical bullets and hammer waves bouncing off walls. It’s all fake now since there is no actual collision anymore. It’s all math.

I agree, grav hammer definitely needs a small nerf at least

All that follow, attached is the TTK spread. It is pretty egregious on the commando, that’s a lot of rounds. 7 shield, 1 headshot, or 7 shield 4 body.

Also note the Hydra went from 2 total rockets (last halo game) to 4 total rockets, which is a lot especially under direct fire. Also a significant portion of total reserve of ammo.

blueberries dot gg has a ttk halo count (i can’t attach it).

If there’s one thing I learned last week while being forced to grind fiesta, it’s that sprinting around with the hammer is one of the metas to win easily lol.

It needs some sort of nerf down. Not far or hard, but something for sure.

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this is the context that I felt it was over powered on. whole squads eventually hammering 4 at a time. Most other TTKs are too slow to stop a hammer

I agree for the hammer and the Commando !