The Halos installations are becoming useless :

For apocalyptic weapons, I find the Halos are ineffective on far too much thing :
First, the Ark who is out of the galaxy.
Then, the Shield-worlds and Cryptums who are protected against the Halos effects.
Also, the Cylix, I don’t know exactly how they work,. I don’t think the cylix protect specifically from the Halo, more that the method of preservation bring the living creature in a state where it’s not affected by it.
And the endless, but we don’t know anything of them.
As for the slipspace, according to “Halo Silentium”, any ship in slipspace isn’t afect by the Halo pulse. So it’s really easy to escape to the Halos devastation, just an emergency jump in slipspace or a long preventive trip is necessary.

So the flood would have easily escape Halo by going in slipspace or stole a Cryptum or Shield-world or even use the Cylix technologie. After that, they could have attack the species reintroduced by the librarian in the galaxy.

I just preferred the old days after Halo 3 where the only way to escape a Halo was to go on the Ark, the Halos were much terrifying

What do you think ?

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Shield worlds we’re a thing before Halo 3. I don’t think the Cryptums are immune to Halos, the only one we’ve really seen was already in a shield world. Despite all your issues, the rings still effectively did their job and if they were fired now would do their job again.

It makes sense in the equivalent of total destruction to have some safe spots.

These are really just an extension of how life didn’t have to to re-evolve from microbes after the halos fired. They’ve effectively been shown since like halo 3 or halo legends.

Yeah, the endless are an issue.

Silentium doesn’t actually say slipspace is safe. It states they’re unsure how ships in slipspace are effected by it, so they aimed to optimize so the maximum number of flood ships were outside when it happened.

It’s a huge risk the flood take this safe spots. For example, the shield world from Halo Wars was full of flood, even if it’s not explain how they get here

It was to yseless to bring up this idea in the book, it didn’t matter to the story and it only bring the doubt about the Halo effect on slipspace, not to mention that it would be infinitely stupid and ineffective

Is it really useless if shield worlds like Onyx work by putting things in slipspace?

I never said Shield world are useless, I said they are so usefull that it’s a risk te flood take them to escape to the Halo effect.
And I say Halo would be useless if it really can’t reach slipspace, because it would have be easy to the flood to escape it