The halo writing team changes from 4 to 5 question

I was thinking about the writing of 4 and 5 and was wondering how many writers changed between 343s handling of the series. I don’t know a whole lot about the entire writing team for either except for a few. The most notable change i’m aware of it Brian Reed replacing Chris Schlerf. Were there any other notable changes besides them? Like i’m not sure how much each member contributes to the main story. (From Certain characters ,to lore of armor/suits, or just big lore in general. Anyone that can (if possible) fill me in that would be great. Have a good day fellow Spartans.

This is supposed to be a positive thread as well so please no negativity/ hate here. Thanks.

They’re moving even more people around right now. I heard a while ago that the lead map designer left or got fired. Someone got move from writing the campaign to lore. They’re really scrambling around.