The Halo Universe could use a few more playable main character besides Chief.!?

I hope we get to use some Spartan(s) or other UNSC personal other then the Master Chief when the DLC comes out. We’ve used Master Chief alot an he has increased his overall combat rating . I hope we get to use another playable main character (s) The Halo Universe that’s been around for way over a decade :slightly_smiling_face:. Halo Infinite was spectacular but we only have a few heroes not dead it’s a war not a battle. The UNSC got dropped by the Banished after being devastated by the Covenant the Infinity humanities greatest ship broken. Even Master Chief himself was broken an defeated.
He comes back from the void free to face combatants who have abilities an talents that exceeded his own. Do note Many of the Bosses in Halo Infinite can move faster then chief or even 1 hit him. And probably killed or retreated to another location. It’s nice he lost to someone in game an he is not a invincible god. I hope for more then a 1 man show with the DLC. We’ve used the Thel Vadam as the Arbiter, Noble six, Spartan Locke some ODST, an Captain Cutter as main playable characters.

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No! Halo is currently Master Chiefs story and his alone. Can they add supporting characters that aren’t playable? Yes. Should they? Absolutely. Will Halo eventually need to move on from chief? Yes. And they should lay that ground work now. But Chief should be the only playable main character for now.


Nobel 6 and all the ODSTs were great to play as. I would also like more of that. Maybe as dedicated spin-offs though, not dlc.


Well every main character 343 has made so far sucked. So I’d rather never see them make a new one ever again.

I’d say no.

  • He is the mascot of the series. People want to see him.

  • It takes 343 4-6 years to release a Halo game. So there’s an immediate sense you are missing out.

  • Personally, I’d like the story to be about getting vengeance on Atriox, the Banished and the Brutes. Playing as another character just dilutes all that. Vales going to be all, “no we need to understand the deep layers of nuance behind the Brutes and the Banished.”

  • On the other hand, they have killed off Cortana and whilst Infinite kind of gets away with that because it’s a eulogy to all that; it doesn’t leave any real character threads for Chief. I am not particularly interested in him going on adventures with the Pilot and the Retcon. So I wouldn’t say no to Vale as a character. It’s telling that they have to tell you “this isn’t an end”.

But no. Outside the books I wouldn’t expect a non Chief POV.


There was a war going on not a single Battle! Master chief has been the main character in H1- H5 an is the main character in HI aswell. That leaves us 4 main games Cannon worthy games we can play in HW1, HW2, H3 ODST, an HR. Not as mainstream there is also Spartan Assault an Raven team which may also be cannon. We should be glad we’ve gotten more then a trilogy. When reading a history book over an event it’s usually best to have multiple sources think of the Gospels.


Halo Reach in particular was successful without Chief. Maybe the numbered games need to be retired and moved past Chief, but this thinking has had a seriously detrimental effect on other franchises.

Fallout under Bethesda means that the Brotherhood of Steel and Super Mutants are synonymous with the brand. So even when it makes absolutely no sense for the characters to be there, they show up anyway because the players are supposed to expect them to show up. This in turn stifles creativity and creates lore plot holes that need a handwave explanation to be dealt with (I.E., FEV on the other coast, Brotherhood is here for contrived raisins in Fallout 3).

For Halo? It now feels like Master Chief is the only character in the universe. Someone else pointed out to me that Chief operates independent of the UNSC a lot in Halo 4-Infinite, and even Locke does the same in Halo 5. You can probably list on both hands the number of levels in Halo 1-3 that are totally devoid of Marines or some form of mass assault, and Halo Reach only has about two levels (three if you count Lone Wolf) where Marines/Troopers en masse, as part of a combined force, are missing. Halo 4 only has about… Three missions where anyone from the UNSC fights alongside Chief, Halo 5 has none for Locke or Chief, and Halo Infinite also has none (all the rescued Marines mean nothing)

Anyway, my point is basically that the Halo universe feels small these days. Chief is the all-important character that universe revolves around instead of being one of many actors in the wider universe. One way to fix that is to do spin-offs like Reach. Noble Six is important. Arguably, you can even say that the characters of Alpha-Nine in ODST are also important, though on a smaller scale.


I agree, one of the reasons I disliked 4 and 5 so much was we went from hopeless galactic battle of overwhelming odds to the whole story focusing almost entirely on chief. The story was never about the character, you just played an important character in a story.

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I could see a few small side-story campaign DLCs, linear like Classic Halo and not Open-World so that production doesn’t take too long.

It would be a nice way to get more stories out of what is going on other parts of Zeta Halo.
I have a few ideas in mind.


Players ask for a Master Chief story:
They humanize him in Halo4. Cool. Let’s build off that.


343 now backpeddaling on the narrative to make Chief centerpiece again. Other main players may come later.

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I could see a DLC centered around Red Team with the Spirit of Fire arriving to Zeta Halo. Utilizing cloaking tech reverse-engineered from Forerunner technology on The Ark; the SoF is able to remain hidden for a time being as fresh Marines and Spartan Red Team is deployed to assist where they can. Jerome-092 and John-117 have a reunion after over a decade-and-a-half of time separated since Red Team was declared M.I.A. at Arcadia.
We would be rewarded with the Mark IV Gen-1 Armor Core for the season that DLC arrives.

I could see Blue Team arrive to Zeta Halo and begin a search for John. However, they end up saving haveing to deal with the Guardian seen in the Campaign vista, something that the Banished could be attempting to reactivate / reprogram as their own WMD. Save Dr. Halsey from The Banished and permanently neutralize The Fallen Guardian.
We could be rewarded with the Mark VI Gen-3 Armor Core.

I could see a DLC where Spartan Laurette Agryna takes center stage as she finally tracked down the UNSC Infinity and begins an investigation of the wreckage. Was Roland responsible for the ship going down so fast as a sleeper agent for Cortana? And where are the key command crew members such as Laskey, Glassman, Stacker, or Palmer?
As a reward, we get to unlock and utilize her Armor Core. Killerbee I call it.

There is also my Gladiator idea.
Spartans that were captured by The Banished, demoralized, and turned against the UNSC.
With the death of Escharum by the hands of Master Chief, we could have a campaign where we play as one of these fallen Spartans, these Gladiators, and hunt down the Master Chief on Zeta Halo.
However, when Escharum said his death would inspire thousands, it also inspired the player Gladiator to defy his Banished overlords and hunt down the Chief in order to provide him aid and help him fight the other Gladiators and Spartan Killers within the Hand of Atriox.
As a result, the Gladiator Armor Core is added to the game - a hybrid of MJOLNIR engineering and Pavium’s Banished ingenuity. Basically Banished Spartan Armor.

Whaddya think?


Big doubt on Gladiator part, but others sound fine.

If you want a Spartan vs UNSC, you would no doubt find plenty of anti UNSC Spartans from Halo’s long history. Could fish one of them out anytime. That’s my 2 cents.

Honestly I really wanna play as a Grunt/Brute.
A Grunt’s PoV in a mini campaign would be pretty darn interesting. A Brute fighting and surviving through the Covenant and joining the Banished would be cool too.


But that is expected.

My Gladiators proposal sees Escharum order the capture of Spartans.
They get put through the Eternal Onslaught, which is basically endless Firefight on Legendary all skulls on alone.
Those that amuse or impressed him would be given a choice - relinquish loyalty to the crushed and dead UNSC (with the Infinity gone and Chief tossed to space, morale would be at an all time low) and join The Banished as warriors under his command . . . or continue the Eternal Onslaught and die.
Many rejected his offer.
Others however chose to survive.
Some were broken beyond reproach and remorse.
Others, such as the main character, still have that spark of Human pride inside.
And upon seeing Escharum’s death at the hands of Master Chief, that fire was reignited.
Escharum’s death would come to inspire thousands . . . and it would also inspire one of his Gladiators to be the downfall of the Hand of Atriox from within.

A bit of a compelling story potential, redemption being a great motivator.

Not to mention it also showcases a form of Banished lore development.
Imagine how demoralizing it would be to be fighting aliens and all of a sudden, the very Spartans that were supposed to protect you, are now suddenly commanding Banished squadrons and hunting down UNSC opposition on the ring?

Locke was the main character in Halo 5.

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Buck was.

Dunno why the game glitched and made me play as Locke every time I tried to play single-player tho.



The originally trilogy, Halo CE,2 and 3… was about the Covenants completing the ‘Great Journey’ by firing the ring and wiping out life as we know it.

The reclaimer ‘saga’ is a bunch of dribble on the page….

There was no clear goal to this ‘saga’ just open ended writing something you practice to get the juices flowing.

Making it up as they go along…. Where’s the bloody plan….

I think the story telling is that bad I’m going pretend it never happened.

So with that said there doesn’t need to be more than one Spartan as none of this happened.

Chief is still sleeping in space.

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No, man. Just no, please. :unamused:

Buck was the ray of sunshine in the otherwise dismal H5 campaign.

As controversial as this state is gonna be, I would have been fine if we played a game where Agent Locke was the main focus. I know 5 was essentially that, however I remember hearing somewhere way way back that 5 was gonna be like a Halo 3 ODST where we took the role of Locke investigating where Chief was and planet hopped looking for clues. it could have cleared up how Osiris team would come to be in game, along with how Blue team was reformed, build on what the prometheans were doing, how the splinters of the Covenant where doing, etc… heck the cutscene from MCC could have been implemented and we could’ve seen a flashback level or levels where we took the role of arbiter and wtf he did between 3-4 (could’ve been a cool DLC). or an fps in the pov of atriox’s rebellion of the covenant (tho idk if this was covered in wars 2 since I never played it), or moreso a banished themed game where we play atriox or who’s-his-name we fight in infinite and how they worked their way to Zeta halo and raiding the Infinity. Another could be buck too, flesh out where he’s been since ODST (nothing really to add lol).

But as @Fuelled_Oats said, there isn’t really anything to add after 3 since its kind of a finished story.

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Huge agree…

His character isn’t that interesting. Bottom line. Hero -Yoink!- around Chief is one of the things that holds Halo back.