The Halo Swimming Pool and Water Park. Because even Spartans need a vacation once in a while

My family and I enjoy watching the show Pool Kings. Especially my son. We are really into the cool themed pools that people build, like pirates, etc. Since we are both huge Halo fans we figured “Hey, let’s design our own Halo pool to celebrate the launch of Infinite.” I have always dabbled in 3D but never to this level. I figured it would be a great learning experience for me, and boy was it. I have a LONG way to go, but I am really happy how my skills have improved over the last several months. Not just modeling, but in animation and simulations. I have had a lot of frustration and setbacks as I just wasn’t aware the enormity of the scene I was creating. It really taxed even my powerful system. I didn’t get al lthe renders finished I wanted, but with the game launch I finally wanted to share something. So without further ado:

Behold, the Halo Swimming Pool and Water Park

Go to: darthlafollette DOT artstation DOT com SLASH projects SLASH lRRbbe


Thank you for sharing!
This pool is awesome. If I start saving today maybe I can build it by 2560 LOL

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To make it easier:

That’s actually pretty cool tbh, but I would imagine soaking wet people and computers wouldn’t mix well. Very well made though. Would be cool to see in VR Chat or something like it


Thank you guys. Yeah, I thought about that. But thats why I added twel racks by the entry/exits.

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This is amazing

This was funny, I enjoyed your work.
The product parodies were perfect but I think the water guns made me laugh the most lol

thought this was going to be a joke about the now water filled crater where New Mombasa once stood honestly hah

Wait New Mombasa is gone :cry:?