The Halo: Reach server is unavailable at this time

When clicked on Matchmaking it says "The Halo: Reach server is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.
It has been like this for at least 3 weeks or more already. Have contacted xbox support twice and we went though many many troubleshooting steps finally concluded not the console problem, likely is server side problem, chat reference # 1395571172.
Server developers please help take a look what might be the problem.

Ummm? Are you sure its not connecting issues or your internet? I’ve have been playing Reach in the last 3 weeks and haven’t gotten any server unavailable.

Have you tested your internet connection? I haven’t had any issues as of recent.

Yes, I have test the Xbox Live connection, it’s good…I have Cox Internet very reliable :slight_smile:
I have clear the cache, reset the network setting (wired network), reformat the entire drive and only download Halo Reach game and re-download the Xbox update, all the Xbox tech. support asked me to do, nothing help.

My son is the one actually playing Halo game and nagging me to fix it everyday :frowning:
He said his online player friends can play why he can NOT? But Xbox tech. support already exhausted all the possibilities on the console side therefor can only hope to look into it from server side.

anyone know whats going on with the halo reach server cuz I can’t play it online

I’m having the same issue. I logged on today (first time in months) and it briefly showed me as online (saw the Challenges and stuff), then started showing me as a Recruit with basic armor and I can’t see any online stuff (matchmaking, stats, challenges, etc.). I hit an “offline credit limit” too, and got the message “The Halo: Reach server is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.” It’s been like that for a couple of hours now. I’ve been playing other games with no problems, and my internet is functioning well. I love Reach but currently can’t use any online features. I’d really like to see this fixed.

I’m having the same issues, too. I was browsing Deviantart and saw a post for an awesome Spirit of Fire Forge World map and wanted to download it from fileshare, since the deviant artist linked it in his post. Sadly I couldn’t because I don’t appear online in Reach, despite the fact that I have Gold and decent internet. Armor and rank isn’t showing as well, except when I press start and go to armory. That Spirit of Fire recreation looked freaking awesome, too. -Yoink!-!

Having the same problem its somthing to do with the servers

Having the same issue, 343 please fix

Getting the same thing maybe it has to do with xbox live severs crashing yerstaday

Servers have been unavailable all day for me. Really wish 343i would fix this!

The halo reach servers often have bugs.

Gave up on Halo Reach server…I payed $20 to buy Halo 4 for my son (may not be as good as Halo Reach) but at least he can play. So Guys head over to Halo 4 and play with my Son there :slight_smile:

Make sure its not your internet. But other then that halo reach servers are fine. Unless you setting arent xbox live. Because if the setting are on xbox console switch it to xbox live friends.

This seems to be an off-and-on problem. Some days I’ll go without any problems, sometimes it’ll be hours before online stuff works, and many days there will be an interruption in service. For example, I finish a Firefight Matchmaking game and think the Challenge progress I made will be recorded (as it should be, obviously) and instead I get the “not available” message and either my progress isn’t saved or the entire Challenge system is offline. This is very annoying but doesn’t seem to be getting addressed.

I’m in the game but it’s showing me that there are 0 people playing no matter which game typ I pick :-/

Yet again, this issue has come up. No Challenges or Playlists work/load, and I have no stats or customized armor when viewing the My Party tab. At this point it seems like 343 just doesn’t care about Reach and is only occasionally even doing the bare minimum to keep it functional for those of us that still enjoy it.

because they want us to buy new games which i won’t playstation here i come!

343 Is a broke company that cannot offer true honest support. They bailed on reach. They failed.