The Halo Reach Demo's Multiplayer Still Works!

The third-to-latest (as of this post) YouTube video uploaded by General Heed (GeneralKidd), shows that it still works.

  • Limited playlists (Multiplayer/PVP & Firefight only),
  • limited gametypes (5 for Multiplayer/PVP & 2 for Firefight), &
  • only the Powerhouse map for Multiplayer/PVP,

but it works!
If you don’t already have it, or you deleted it for more space, his video shows how to (re-)obtain it.
(Those who already have it can just jump right in!)


I think you guys should move to MCC insted of trying to stay on x360


I understand the reasoning/sentiment behind your statement.
But it’s less about “trying to stay on X360”, and more so about ‘keeping the :fire: alive’, which represents a different time & experience in gaming, that the MCC still just hasn’t been able to recapture thus far.
This post is for those who wish to continue commemorating the end of that different time & experience in gaming for just a bit longer (I’m in this camp),
for the community purists who are still unsatisfied with the lack of 1:1 parity in MCC,
for those who are still just not in the position to be able to migrate over just yet (I’m also in this camp),
or for any other unstated reason (that isn’t just staying on the X360 for the sake of it).
I’m sure that once MCC becomes more 1:1 in parity, and the rest of us are finally in a position to be able to migrate, that we’ll do so - just be patient with us.

As for me personally, I’m actually open to migrating to the MCC (particularly with Season 7 being the most enticing season & reason to do so, thus far), but my current toaster PC doesn’t meet the required specs to run it & I don’t have an XBox One X (yet; and I still have a backlog to finish, before I should even consider getting one).
So if you’re willing to either get me both MCC & an XBox One X, or MCC & a fully-specced PC, then I’m totally down to help increase the player population there (for those of you who want a bigger player population in MCC).
If not, then the Halo Reach demo & Halo 4 multiplayer will have to tide me over in the mean time,
'til I eventually/inevitably am in the position to be able to migrate over.

Thanks for your input, though…!


Yes, that is what people from the “old school 360 camp” are trying to tell everyone.
As for me, i am more of the guy that just wants to stay on the 360, because Halo is one of the main reasons why the 360 got so big in the first place and why it is still alive to this very day.
Yes, there are many other great online multiplayer games for the 360, but Halo 3 just happens to be my favorite one.
As for MCC, yes there is a lack of 1:1 parity and a lot more.
I feel like the game has completely lost its social aspects compared to the older games.
(I am saying this as someone who has played all Halo games on the original hardware they came out on)
Public chat is not the default one, which can be confusing for people and prevent talking, no real pre- or post-game lobbies exist, not automatic formation of squads and nothing remotely close to the community the older games used to have back in the day (and still have to some degree).

The Xbox 360 is an essential part of Halo.
Yes, the player base is small and ofc you cant keep up the servers forever, but with 343 being a Microsoft funded company, the service only having consistently about 3000 active players and the services and software themselves being over 10 years old at this point, making it easy and low resource consuming on modern hardware, it makes me doubt in the reasons 343 provided for the shut down.
I just cant imagine that hosting a simple Xbox Live file server for player stats, screenshots and ect. is so much time consuming and intensive for the personal, that they REALLY HAD to shut it down.
This is actually what makes me really angry about the “sunsetting”.
They could have easily continued the services, but they didnt want to because…343…

Also why taking the legacy Halo titles off the online store entirely for ALL Xbox generations?
I think by now we all know why they have really shut down the services…


(they just want more people to buy MCC instead of playing the old games and they also hate being compared to Bugnie all the time and want to erase the last true legacy that has remained of Bungie)

Also lets not forget that the Halo reach servers were absolutely unplayable for like 3 months straight (and 5 months in total) during 2021 for some reason.
If you already want to shut down the servers and KNOW that youre making a lot of people mad and sad then at least keep them up well for those last months, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut… no.
343 of course needs to be ruthless as always.

They KNEW that they had us by our balls with the sunseting and they showed no mercy…


And with the player population on the legacy titles low, they could’ve at least reduced the number of servers & consolidated the remaining players onto the same server(s)
(1 server for each title + 1 for Halo Waypoint, Service Records, Challenges, et c.?),
rather than outright sunset all of them.
That could’ve improved matchmaking times, with everyone on the same server for each title.
(Unless that was already the case and they still decided to sunset them anyway?)

They also could’ve tried to transfer hosting to the same servers that host MCC, but what do I know… :man_shrugging:t4:

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@Apex_Ascendant the point is that 343 and Bungie never hosted the matches and sessions on their servers in the first place.
Thats all being done by the Xbox Live servers.
They ONLY hosted the necessary player data and other small things like challanges, Messages of the day, filesharing ect.
Which basically means that all they did was host a literal file hosting server for Xbox Live, so that Microsoft’s Xbox Live servers could access that data to create a match and load the game.
(Notice how, when you now try to do Matchmaking on Halo 3, it doesnt disconnect you from your Xbox Live account, like it usually does when youre playing an offline game, it only displays an error saying “Information could not be retrieved from Halo 3 servers”)
That is also the reason why Halo Reach Demo and Halo 4 matchmaking still work even after the “sunsetting” because the crucial and essential data, the Xbox Live servers need, is already baked in to the game.
I could understand if they took down file sharing, messages of the day, challenges and Halo Waypoint because barely anyone still uses those, but matchmaking data and service records!?
Come on guys…

We all know that Xbox Live on the 360 (and its online community) are on life support and are most likely gonna be shut down and dissolved in the next few years.
They could have at least kept matchmaking for Halo online until the Xbox Live servers shut down entirely.



If that truly is the case, then that makes 343i’s sunsetting of the literal server (singular), an even more egregious act, as they could have just transferred server hosting duties to Microsoft’s XBox Live servers, or just deliver their actual server to them, so that that one server remains connected to their matchmaking servers.
(343i might not be able to afford server upkeep, but Microsoft most definitely can.)

Regarding Challenges & Halo Waypoint, speak for yourself.
Halo Waypoint is basically an extension of our Service Records (all consolidated into one location), so if you’re arguing for Service Records, then by extension, you should also be arguing for Halo Waypoint.
As for Challenges (especially in Reach), that would’ve been the only practical source of Credits that could’ve tided us over, in order to help us continue to rank up offline and/or unlock items from the armory offline, until 343i decides to release an official patch/title update, specifically addressing the ability to earn (a decent enough amount of) Credits Offline.
[For Halo 4, XP rewards from Challenges would’ve provided us the needed boost, in order to maintain the same pacing of earning XP, in order to continue leveling up & completing our Specializations. Which also should not have disappeared.]
Allowing us to continue completing Challenges offline would’ve allowed these games to still be practically playable offline.
Regarding Service Records, I don’t understand why 343i couldn’t just let us host that data on our own console; they could’ve replaced the “Halo Waypoint” tab in the menus with a Download Portal for our Service Records (& the non-matchmaking Challenges). Smh… They dropped the ball there. :pensive:

And yes, I agree; the lifespan of online matchmaking for the legacy Halo titles that got sunset (3, Reach, & 4), should’ve been tied/bound to the lifespan of the 360’s XBox Live servers themselves.


Well, i doubt that this is ever going to happen, as 343 and many other people consider that platform to be dead, which it isnt (yet).

Well, i guess that just wasnt possible from a technical perspective at that time, but it would have been nice if they would have at least put up a last “Message Of The Day” notification with a link to download your Service Records locally

Then again, this shows how little 343i actually care about the older games and about the community in general.
I have no understanding and no empathy for any of their actions regarding the shut down of the matchmaking services.
By now ive seen all the tricks Microsoft and their owned companies pull off and backstabbing customers for years.
Their motto?




They have done this so many times by now.
Remember when 343 took over Halo in 2011/12?
Where they promised us that they will “continue the legacy and the future of Halo” as good as they can?

Yeah here we are 10 years later and all they left us in the end were some crappy ports of the OG games, a ruined Halo lore / story and a big -Yoink!- YOU to everyone who still embraces the good old games on the 360.

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They could spend 70 billion to acquire a company because 343 cant make a game despite bottomless resources.
But keep these servers and stats up?
Nah. Buy mcc.
A compromise would have been to transfer stats as a legacy thing to mcc, but, and I quote, " it’s too much work"
As far as I’m concerned, I hope they have to redo infinites netcode.
Enjoy that work, ya bad poopoo heads
I think the op should edit this post before 343 stops everything they’re doing to remove this



The potential patch/title update would’ve directly addressed both the ability to earn Credits offline, as well as the ability to store our Service Records locally.
(Or as SafetyM33ting suggested, to transfer them over to our MCC profile, tying it to our Gamertag.)
{Or both! Both would be great.}


I agree with this solution. :100:

The ability to edit disappears after ~2 days.
And for me specifically, it seems the mods have removed my ability to Edit altogether, without any notice, whatsoever. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: (I must’ve been editing too much for their taste, even though I was simply correcting errors that I missed.)

[This is replying to both of you.]

I suppose that’s the difference between the veteran devs (who were likely also gamers themselves) &
the non-veteran devs (or corporate hires, just there for the 9-5 paycheck).
The veteran devs who would’ve been capable & passionate, to produce such a player-friendly solution (that they themselves would benefit from), are either just burned out from game development, have simply retired, or there currently aren’t (m)any in 343i.
The non-veteran devs either lack the programming prowess/experience, or simply lack the passion/drive for excellence, and are likely content with mediocrity/‘good enough’ work. :man_shrugging:t4:
(And there are likely more non-veteran devs at 343i than veteran devs - Veterans, being in the industry longer than 343i’s existence.)
(Insert “Modern Gaming” meme.)

{And then there’s questioning the dev studio’s leadership, and their decisions, but that would be specifically naming (an) individual(s), which isn’t allowed on here. :neutral_face: }
(But just to be clear, I believe a lot of the blame lies solely on the leadership, as the buck stops with them; and it would greatly benefit Halo Infinite & future Halo titles, if current leadership got side-moted to a different position [perhaps with the Halo TV show?], and for another, more capable/competent & passionate person [who has also played all of the Halo games, and has a thorough grasp on both the gameplay & lore], to be 343i’s new leader/head/monitor/custodian of the Halo games.
It’s the only way forward, towards reconciliation, with veteran Halo players, and to a more lucrative future with potential new Halo fans/players.)

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i think you dont understand.
343i is already a Microsoft owned and actually a microsoft-funded company.
After Bungie left Microsofts partnership, Microsoft got all the rights to the Halo games and created 343 to be the company whos officially developing Halo.
In Reality its all microsoft basically.

And exactly that is what they want us to so.
To buy MCC.
But no, i will continue playing the OG games.
Without Halo 3, the Xbox 360 would have never achieved what it did and would have never become so popular.
They could have at least kept the servers running until Xbox Live shuts down as a whole, which would probably happen in less than 3 years.

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Yes it is. They gotta do everything what Daddy Microsoft tells them to do so.

Same, i cant edit my posts anymore.

Well aware.
Since 343 cant make a working game with unlimited resources, and Microsoft knew this before infinite launched, they spent 70 billion purchasing a company, and its subsidiaries, that could, and can. That was a long sentence.
My point I guess is that if they can afford to do that, they could budget for the og games.
They could’ve had legacy stats imported into mcc.
No money in that.
So to all the super hardcore, a big middle finger.

Yes, that would have been nice, but 343i’s leadership is too incompetent.

How so and why?

The halo reach demo and halo 4 multiplayer still works. From what i know they are using p-2-p connection. So they are playable. And also h4 is now equal starts.