The Halo Loop

I wouldn’t exactly call it a curse, but since Halo 4 is getting closer every game I play is beyond boring to me D: i’m waiting for halo 4 so much that nothing else compares, anyone else going through this?

I know exactly what you mean mate. I was playing Dishonoured last week and you know what? It just wasnt doing anything for me at all…infact i got so far in and then just stopped. Im so geared up for Halo 4 that i cant enjoy any other game. I think to me Halo is more than just a game…im so into its universe and cant wait to see what happens next.
Giving Forza Horizon a go lately and its a bit better but still…its just a game.
Sometimes i think the sooner Halo 4 comes and goes the better…i can start enjoying games again. Mental i know…

I’ve been experiencing this since the E3 trailer last year, and it is a curse. It subsided shortly when borderlands 2 came out but it didnt last.

I wouldn’t call it a curse, more like a disease or a disorder. And yes, I suffer from the same symptoms unfortunately.