The Halo Legends Clan ( ReBirth)

I am restarting my clan because last time I did not have strong leaders that I could trust so now I would like to get new and better Spartans that I can trust to lead the clan when I am not available . The halo legend clan is divided into 3 groups Military , Marksman and Pilots . I will need a new Leader for each group a 3rd in command and a highly trusted 2ed in command ( if you want a 2ed in command in the groups let me know ) the clan is a ranking clan for example let’s say one guy is a captain and another guy is a Sergeant once I have all the groups the clan then we will start clan battles . There will be squads later in the future for example ther will be Alpha Squad ( all the leaders ) a Forge Squad and ect. Well thank you and we will start in Halo:Reach or Halo 4 which ever we get leaders fast . Thank you and if you want to join the THLC let me know on Xbl my gamer tag is MasterChiefS001 thank you .

i will join

Ok message me what you would like to do in the clan and we will talk