The Halo game I've been waiting for!

I’m so excited to play the beta next month! I have always liked halo, even from the beginning, but I also saw a lot of wasted opportunities.

I’m talking about the Spartans. Halo has always been about playing as these advanced super soldiers than can outperform any other fighter in the field. And in all of the games I have never felt as agile, technologically advanced, or strong as they tried to make it sound.

Honestly, the only difference between a Spartan and a Marine (from a gameplay perspective) is the energy shields and we can flip vehicles. Flipping vehicles doesn’t really make me feel like a Spartan, there’s no animation of you actually touching it and its only used because how stupid it would be to roll a warthog and just be screwed. Energy shields are nice, but every elite in the game has them so it’s not like we were very unique in the grand scheme of the battlefield.

With Halo 5, I feel like we are actually playing as what a Spartan should be like. We can sprint (yes I know its hated but at least it’s been nerfed), we can clamber, we can slide and even tackle some poor guy. We have thrusters that give us enhanced mobility that would make a marines’ head spin. The smart scope feature seemed scary at first, but after realizing its purely cosmetic and just zoom, I’m really starting to like it’s look. Looks way more immersive with all these new features being added into Halo.