The Halo Council

We are a brand new show that covers all Halo: Reach from competitive to casual!

We run on Wednesdays at 4:30 EST - Sunday at 7:30 EST! The Halo Council Stream

BesT MaN

The Halo Council | Episode 2 - 12/11/11
The Halo Council | Episode 1 - 12/7/11
The Halo Council vs THE WORLD

Just seeing if you guys have any interest in being apart of this - it would mean the world if you guys could tune in - thanks! Any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated!

This show is amazing. Easy for anyone to watch, and extremely funny. Definately check out the first episode guys!

Was literally watching this when you posted. Seriously love this push by you guys for more content, discussion, and improvement.

Great show!
See you at 4:30 EST!

pretty neat…:slight_smile:

Love me some Gandhi, he was one of my favorite smack talkers back in the day:) And i’m new to DMaq but hes hilarious, everyone should watch these guys.

Great show bros

sick show. I cant wait for the next one

Awesome! Even better that it’s also on Youtube. Gonna try to watch it now before hitting the hay.

The show is really entertaining you guys are doing a great job and you guys should do viewer questions and call ins next time.

Very well put together guys, A++!

amazing show, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I just can’t take a podcast whose acronym was intentionally made to be “THC” seriously.

Good video and i am not even an active member of the MLG community (but still have a sense of being competitive.

I really hope Halo 4 has settings that both competitive and casual alike can use right out of the box. It seems that’s why MLG settings are avoided and they admit it; they are just too different from standard and the casual crowd is turned off by them whether it’s smaller sandbox, movement speeds, no armor lock etc.

Thanks for the posts - we will be going live tonight at 7:30 EST!

Ready to watch tonight’s show.

talking ATLAS now

Interesting mates keep up the good work

updated first post with episode 2!

I really enjoy the show. Thanks for putting this on for us fans to enjoy. I hope everyone supports this by watching every week!