The halo community needs to be unified

Right now the halo community is split into different groups on just about everything. Sprint or no sprint, spartan abilities or nah, free dlc good? or an excuse o release the game half finished? Its very rare that any two people with opposite opinions listen or care to the others ideas. When this happens its like two children screaming at eachother. No good or change will come from it. The halo community needs to FIND COMPROMISES, WE NEED TO FIND A MIDDLE GROUND AND RECOGNIZE SOME PEOPLE AREN’T HAPPY, AND OTHERS ARE WITH CERTAIN ASPECTS OF THE GAME. doing this will allow 343 and microsoft to see what we want. This is the solution to change.

Some of the most controversial topics are:


Spartan abilities

Free dlc, should it be in H6

Gamemode for veterans

Time to kill, the same or more

Playable elites, Where the -Yoink- are they?

User interface, good or bad?

How to make H6 campaign better?

REQ system, should it stay or should it go?

In most of these topics there are two sides. Don’t argue one side is better than the other because both sides have to make compromises. These aren’t all the problems of course, if anyone has anymore comment them or a compromise. I got most of this from LateNightGaming, the act man, and LukeTheNotable.

When there is a lot of people with different opinions and different criticisms, it’s kinda tough to make them agree with each other. I do have a lot of criticisms and honest opinions on… Everything! But what makes the bonds of the a community slowly break is when they continuously make a lot of discussions based on individual opinions of what they really like or really dislike.

If I had a place in the community, I would be in neutral state. I agree and disagree the same amount, but I do not make a junk ton of topics of what I enjoy or don’t enjoy. At least reading these topics based on controversial stuff in Halo is better than listening an angry teammate in game! Just my two REQ points.

Lmao most of the Halo community quit. The people that argue are old school Halo players who keep hoping for it to get better and 343 fanboys who think Halo has never been better.

> 2533275012030474;1:

it’s not up to “us” to find a “middle ground” even if the community as a whole would agree on something (which I don’t see happening…), the game is still developed by 343 and not the community…

you clearly don’t understand that this is normal for any fanbase. the Godzilla community is tearing itself apart because to the new Japanese movie over some simple things and big changes.

Hey mate, I agree that Halo should evolve without cutting off it’s nose to spite the face and that it would be a lot better if the community knuckled down together. I’ve been up all night with a fever but here are some suggestions/compromises/my two cents for most of the issues you listed in the OP
1. Sprint:
A) Simply replace with a faster base movement speed. Feel more like a heavy, agile, suit-sized tank(Spartan). Heavier footsteps.
B) Keep sprint but alter it so that you can fire from the hip while sprinting, shields still do not recharge while sprinting. If you just tap the sprint button once or twice it shouldn’t reset the entire cool-down bar though. Aesthetically make it so the shield/energy bar is just that, not a stamina bar that when depleted causes your super advanced super mech soldier to pant like a fat child lol. Feel more like a heavy, agile, suit-sized tank(Spartan). Heavier footsteps.
I’d be happy with either but I think “B)” is the best option.
2. Spartan abilities:
Whatever happens I think they should definitely give everyone a jetpack(hold jump button down to use it). Do not let shields recharge while in use.
Furthermore, give everyone the ability to use active camo(make toggle crouch default and hold down crouch to activate active camo). Shields do not recharge while in use(like sprint and jetpack) and maybe there is some kind of indicator when an active camo user is nearby. Give it a longer cool-down. I think this adds a fun dynamic to the game’s mechanics and will slow down the gameplay enough to feel like proper Halo again without sacrificing things like sprint. It’s a compromise and it makes sense especially considering the lore and cooperation with the Elites/ex-covenant. If you’re thinking woah no way too overpowered, keep in mind that if it is, visibility could be tweaked so it is even more balanced.
Everything else like overshield, bubbleshield, tripmine, flare/scrambler, should just be pick-ups/equipment.
Free dlc, should it be in H6:
Yes, but the game should release COMPLETED, not be missing features, it should already have a good selection of maps and playlists etc. The DLC should be fun extras and expand upon the core experience, not be a desperate and necessary redemption for a broken/unfinished game.
Gamemode for veterans:
This is how I think the playlists/gamemodes should be…
*Warzone(use of REQS in these playlists, leaderboards for each)
-Firefight(Survive as many waves as possible ala ODST and Reach), Boss Rush(what warzone firefight tries to be, battle random encounters and bosses within a time limit), Big Team Battle(2 large teams fighting each other for territory and kills)
*Arena(Competitive, K/D ratio and stats, an overall/permanent trueskill ranking that can increase or decrease like Halo 3 as well as monthly playlist ranks, no veto/voting system but much better map variety and rotation than Halo 5)
-Breakout/Elimination, SWAT, Snipers, CTF etc etc
*Social(Casual fun, doesn’t affect K/D ratio and stats, voicechat during matchmaking, a party-up system, veto/voting system)
-Infection, Griffball, Race, etc etc
Also, there should be campaign, daily, weekly, monthly, annual and spartan company challenges.
Playable elites, Where the -Yoink- are they?
I dunno but bring them back. They could be implemented into the REQ system like the spartans are or in the forms of character unlock REQs like Sgt Johnson, Arbitor etc and maybe have even rarer versions of each like classic, alternate or floodified etc etc etc (Mmmmmmmm money!)
User interface, good or bad?
Bad, look back at the work in progress UI it looks miles better.
How to make H6 campaign better?
Let me direct it! lol.
REQ system, should it stay or should it go?
Stay but improve it and make it less tedious. Allow to sell groups of REQs not just one by one. Make it better and more interesting.
As you can probably tell my fever is getting the better of me and I literally don’t have the energy to type/think anymore right now. Let me know if you guys agree with me and what you think.

I’m unified in how much I like Halo 5. I think that’ll work.

Sprint: Just gonna from this… And this.

Playable elites: Well we in the elite thread came up with a solution to that. Those vote go directly to Microsoft so our plan is to get enough votes that Microsoft forces 343 to add them.

It will never be united… Halo is very different game to game. There will always be be those who like particular games.

> 2535415539486588;6:
> 1. Sprint:
> 2. Spartan abilities:
> 3. Free dlc, should it be in H6:
> 4. Gamemode for veterans:
> 5. Playable elites, Where the -Yoink- are they?
> 6. User interface, good or bad?
> 7. How to make H6 campaign better?
> 8. REQ system, should it stay or should it go?

  • Sprint- Remove it and up base player speed back to 100%. Currently base player speed is around 80%.
  • No to “everyone having Active Camo”. This would make the game a hide a seek type game. It would slow and about who can abuse Active Camo the best, not who can win a head to head gun fight the best. All Power Ups should be map based only. These abilities should be earned not given. You get to AC first on the map, you get rewarded, instead of you just respawned, congrats here is AC. It is a terrible idea.
  • Yes, the game needs to contain all features at launch. Map selection- minimum of 8-10 maps for any playlist. Will result in around 12-15 maps if maps are shared between 2v2, 4v4, and 8v8 game modes. Map packs could be replaced by Forge created maps, since Forge has so much more potential now. It would be easier for developers and the community to create maps that can implemented 3-5 maps per month. This would provide new content every month. If a map is found to be broken, it can be removed without worrying about replacing it or running low on maps.
  • Unify the community not separate them. To do this as follows. Scrap Warzone and keep/make 8-16 player Firefight. Scrap “Arena” and just make Ranked and Unranked playlists. One Playlist, Team Hardcore, could be strict competitive rules (no radar, competitive game modes, BR starts, increased movement speed to 110%, etc.). Halo 3 style ELO ranking system. Max search perimeters +/-5 ranks. So a Rank 45 can only match up with players between 40 and 50. When searching highest Rank in party is used to find players. Map vetoing only available in social playlists. Scrap Breakout/Elimination (has been implemented into 2 different games and has a very low population). Rank playlists would include Team Objective, Team Slayer, Team Doubles, Team Snipers, FFA, and Team SWAT. For everything but Team Slayer, objective game modes need to be implemented such as SWAT CTF, FFA KOTH, Team Snipers Neutral Flag, etc. Also implement more variants like 1 flag CTF, 1 bomb Assault, BR starts, DMR starts, etc. Social game modes would include BTB, Infection*, Grifball*, Social Slayer, Social FFA, Social Team objective. (*rotating playlists with other playlists every couple of weeks). More content, more players, overall more reasons to continue playing. Options for all hardcore, semi-hardcore, and casual players.
  • I don’t care either way.
  • UI, not really that important to me as long as it is functional.
  • More vehicle missions, but must have improved AI for singleplayer.
  • REQ system can be removed, but it probably would result in paid DLC. REQ would just become an Armor/Stance slot machine. I think the REQ system could be replaced by a armor buying system that players would earn credits from playing games, extra for winning games, signing in bonuses daily, weekly, and monthly. Daily bonuses could be 100 Credits, Weekly bonuses 1000c, and Monthly bonuses 10,000c. Players can pay for credits through microtransactions to obtain armor as well. $10 gets you 50,000c, and $100 gets you 1 million credits. Armor sets can cost between 50,000c to 10 million credits. Special rewards like double credits can be earned when someone completes an armor set. So if someone completes a 50,000c armor set they get 10,000c back, and a 1 million credit set they get 200,000c back. Everything can be scaled differently.Again many of these are my opinions. I try to be fair with most of them, but getting rid of Warzone would be at the top of my list followed by REQ packs. Not only did Warzone create a large neglect on Arena in Halo 5, but 343 kept pumping out REQ rewards rather than adding more maps to Arena. A permanent Ranking system should be reimplemented. My only opinion is that players can reset their ranks/stats once per month. It fix the problem with people who felt stuck at a certain rank, but then they would have to rank back up again. As for players who didn’t want to reset didn’t have to. More maps, more game modes, more playlists, overall more content will increase the amount of retention of the fanbase. A player would always have something new to try out, or they could just keep playing a playlist without it getting stale. Lastly removing sprint would allow the game to have a unified movement system that is predictable and allows better player to player counter play. Skill be represented by how you maneuver around than just getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. Players will have to time their movements correctly to not be stuck in the middle of the map. Overall by removing sprint it allows maps to be smaller and more risky. Players would not being to jump as far, so they have to be spot on to jump from point to point because falling down 1-2 floors could put them in a bad position they can’t just run away from.

I’ve realized something: whenever there’s a thread supporting modern Halo the most liked comments will usually be by the anti-343 people, and if a thread is bashing on modern Halo and the current community the most liked comments are usually the pro-343 people. I guess everyone likes opposing arguments.

> 2533275012030474;1:

You cannot expect the opinions of any group of people on any issue to be unanimous. Some people will always disagree on every issue, even things that really can’t be denied. All people will never be happy.

Pick a forum, any forum, 9/10, they disputing between each other in similar ways. The fans blind, saying the game is perfect, some creating constructive criticism, then others spamming hate or fan boy stuff. It won’t change.

At this point the Halo community is more divided than the Mechanical Apartheid from Deus Ex! Who else is hyped for the game…only a few days left! On a more serious note, most arguments here have the Bungie vs 343i theme, so I am not that worried anymore!

In game in multiplayer, I think everyone should put aside their grievance and work as a team to accomplish the same goal. A good team can accomplish almost anything.

> 2533274849864264;15:
> In game in multiplayer, I think everyone should put aside their grievance and work as a team to accomplish the same goal. A good team can accomplish almost anything.

Won’t happen because people want different things from Halo. 343 has to wisely pick and choose what they can, but most of the time they seem to listen to too many of the wrong groups of people.

If 343 kept Halo what it was with Bungie, this community could have not been divided as much as it is now. 343 is one who caused the division.

> 2535454426512730;17:
> If 343 kept Halo what it was with Bungie, this community could have not been divided as much as it is now. 343 is one who caused the division.

If 343 had kept Halo the way it was with Bungie, the community would still be this divided because Reach.

Except that is what Halo 5 is. This is what the “middle ground” looks like and surprise surprise no one group is really happy. This is what happens when you throw a good chunk of your audience to the wayside and try to court and entirely different one.

Its sounds nice to plead for ‘compromise’ and for the community to be ‘united’ but in practice it doesn’t actually help anyone. There are some things that are just incompatible with one another in life. You can’t satisfy the Reach/H4/Warzone Folks at the same time as the fans of the CE-H3. The needs of those two styles of game are fundamentally different and often at odds with one another. Trying to be all things to all people with one game is a recipe for failure.

The only way to really to really satisfy both would be to split the franchise with alternating release schedules for nu-Halo and normal Halo, but the way things are now I doubt the franchise could sustain that now.

Alternatively 343 could grow a spine and either A: Admit they were wrong with the direction they have taken Halo and return to their roots or B: Just commit to the new direction entirely and stop giving classic fans false hope by throwing out these half measures. I could at least respect them then.

Here are my responses to what you put:

Sprint - This will be difficult to please everyone. I don’t have a HUGE problem with sprint, but personally I just don’t feel the sprint animation is necessary at all. Just up the base movement speed. I like having my “gun up” all the time, that feels more like Halo IMO. Sprint in it’s current form really changes the game in every area as we know.

Spartan abilities - I would keep clamber, but everything else goes. I would then make things on the map like power ups, called…oh I don’t know…equipment or something and have things like thrusters you can pick up that allow you to do things maybe like Ground Pound, Spartan Charge etc. Maybe you have them till you die, maybe you just have so many uses, or many you have a “power level” which allows you to do whatever until it runs out, I don’t know. All I know is Clamber is the only thing I feel that is good.

Free dlc, should it be in H6 - Free DLC is a great idea, we all like free. 343I just needs to make sure the free content isn’t Forge maps, remix maps, emblems or the 5 version of some kind of gun. If DLC was all developer made maps, new game modes we’ve never seen, and cosmetic stuff that actually looks different. I think everyone would be pretty happy.

Game modes for veterans - IMO if the game is done right, this isn’t needed at all as the game will feel and play like how a Halo game should. Like Halo 1-3. Not BE Halo 1-3, but feel and play like it. Big difference there.

Time to kill, the same or more - It should be somewhere between Halo 1-3 IMO Halo 5 isn’t too bad in this area I feel.

Playable elites, Where the -Yoink- are they? - They could easily put in Elites I feel. They could have an invasion type mode like Reach had, or do 4-4 where it’s either Spartans vs Spartans or Elites vs Elites…then have a social mixed playlist of Spartans vs Elites if they want. There is many things they could do here and still make the matches fair I feel.

User interface, good or bad? - The UI in Halo 5 is one of the worst UI in any Halo game and maybe one of the worst UI I’ve seen period!!! Yes it has gotten better but still. The UI needs to be some kind of mix of Halo 3/Reach I feel. There needs to be a REAL pre game lobby where you can actually, you know, mute single person like we could 10 years ago and a post game report. The post game in Halo 5 NOW isn’t too bad.

How to make H6 campaign better? - This could be a very long topic, but at the very least 343I needs to assume the player hasn’t read any comics, books etc. Nor SHOULD the player have to read these things to FULLY understand the story and what is going on. So they NEED to explain things. As much as a lot of people like Halo 4 story, I still feel Halo 4 was very poorly TOLD. Yes parts were done well, but other things were so poorly explained. Halo 5 was WAY worst in this way. Short version, just explain things and as I said, assume the player hasn’t read any books or comics.

REQ system, should it stay or should it go? - I’ll be very surprised if REQs aren’t in Halo 6. REQs have made 343I/MS a lot of money so they are here to stay for the moment I think. So, stop making so many versions of guns and vehicles that are more less the same, have more unique looking armour, helmets etc and such that actually look different and for the love of god, get ride of emblems in REQs!!

I’ll add, Map design needs A LOT of work in Halo 6. Maps need to be more like Halo 1-3. They actually look different. Snow, jungles, ruins, etc. Not just Human buildings…Maps also need to too have interactive elements like H2A. Shooting chucks of ice down, making the water flow down, putting up a huge shield, etc. things like this!! H2A maps are the best maps IMO. Looking, playing wise everything!

There needs to be social and ranked playlists off the bat. Like how Halo 3 did it. Social 4-4 slayer is a must. Ranks name should be Military ranks, not this garbage of Gold, Onyx, Platinum, Diamond stuff. Rank resets also need to go!!! People want to work towards something, not have to start all over again every month. I know many people who have flat out quit Halo 5 because of this. At the very least, make seasons WAY longer and show the players highest rank in that playlist beside there name when in ranked mode.

I know there is other stuff I can say, but I’m just too tired right now lol