the halo community makes me sick

halo 4 is a great game hands down game of the years so far. Ive been a big halo fan for a long time now im some one that played halo in a friends basement before xbox live came out. I wake up to day an think hey ill check the halo website to see whats next (after going to an thinking ooooo -Yoink-) then finding 343 website i get on the site an start reading an all i here is what sound like 13 yr old girls screaming about how the game sucks it was a real let down.i was just hoping the community that tought me to super bounce an BR glitch was back. im 23 an feel im a dieing breed of halo player.

ps thank you 343 for a great game if you ask me better then halo 3 an right behind halo 2

Maybe because the game has a lot of problems?

Halo 4 is the game of the year, but not a great game at it’s current state.

Thanks for your opinion, OP. We are all entitled to our own and just because things sit well with you does not mean that things sit well with everyone else. On a side note, some proper punctuation and sentence structure would greatly help your wall of text.

Oh no!! Some people have negative opinions about a game that is clearly less than perfect yet has the potential to be game of the year if the multiple issues faces it are corrected! That is so sickening, isn’t it!? -_-

You’re right, most people on the forums are here to complain about any issues they encounter, and rightly so, the game isn’t perfect. Granted a lot of them don’t compose their criticisms in a clear and respectable manner but the hope is that we may bring little things to their attention in hopes that the game will improve further.

I’m sorry, where have you been? Halo’s community started to become -Yoink- with Halo 2, and it just got worse from there. Hell, Reach so far has one of the worst communities surrounding it even though it was a good game. I have my own issues with this game, and I try to make clear and level headed posts, but some of us are either a) too angry to do so, or b) unable to do so. I appreciate that you like the game, but others of us want changes, and we should be able to voice our opinions. We are customers too, and we payed our $60 to $100 for this game and share all the rights you have.

just dont understand we have a great game its been out for what 5 days lets see where its go’s its 40 times better then reach lets just for a little bit be happy

i guess its sickening when the community cares about a game and wants it to succeed.

succeed… have you not seen the MP numbers this game will not fail as long as they get the map packs out soon

You’re entitled to your own opinion. I feel Reach started out in a better place than Halo 4 did as of now. Halo 4 however has far more potential than Reach, simply because I feel it’s gameplay in general is slightly closer to my favorite (other than CE of course) Halo 3. Every Halo game has had its issues, but most carried over enough features to keep me completely happy and not too angry at the quirks or weirdness. A few pieces of Halo 4 that infuriate me is the lack of descoping and the grenade indicator. I’ve made a thread about descoping hereClicky(), and my grenade indicator post is here: Opinion on Grenades

You make me sick.
Unfinished game is unfinished.
I want my money back
Time to support the used game industry