The Halo Community is Toxic.

If it was up to half of the people in these forums, Halo 5 would be a re-reskin of Halo 2. This franchise needed to evolve. The mechanics that worked so well in the earlier titles wont meet many of today’s expectations (see any SNES game besides Chrono Trigger). Growth is extremely important in a game’s longevity. When I used to try to get my friends to get into Halo they would always complain about the lack of sprinting & scoping in. This wasn’t a problem back in the day because most successful shooters followed the same formula. Like it or love it, most people expect a shooter released in 2015 to have a sprint mechanic and a way to aim down sights. The spartan slam does seem gimmicky, but honestly, how often have you been spartan slammed? It hasn’t happened to me once. If you don’t like the game, why are you on the forums 24/7 whining about it? Lets say you had a Dr. Pepper sample handed out to you at the grocery store (Halo 5 Beta). If you don’t like the way it tastes then you probably shouldn’t go and buy a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper (Halo 5 Final Release). If Halo 5 isn’t your cup of tea then please leave. You’re ruining it for people who love it.

Just because a game changes does not automatically make it bad.

Just because a game changes does not automatically make it good either.

People hold Halo to a high standard and they want to fix the stuff they think is wrong with it. I like Halo 5, but I don’t love it, and I think there are some changes that need to happen.

I agree that it is toxic, but it isn’t for these reasons. Every toxic community originates from a toxic developer.

Yeah people will always complain

Gamers complain about every game these days not just Halo btw

All I want from 343 is social game modes then ill be content with what they’ve given

The beta was good. If the franchise needs to evolve why is it leaving behind some of the features and modes that made it more successful than other games. Losing it’s selective advantages is the opposite of evolution buddy.

We are also on the forums because we like the game but want it to be better and many of us were here since halo 4 (and before) listing some of the same problems.

Everyone but OP thus far has been the paragon ideal of what I desire from a community.

Games do not need to evolve to continue to be successful. Look at Counter-strike for example. As for the people who couldn’t get into the game because of X reasons, they’re not the target audience so it shouldn’t matter as much as 343 thinks it does. Developers should know that you can’t please everyone, changing the game to try to attract new people will alienate a large group of the millions that were already satisfied with how the game played. Ironic in a way how Halo fans used to be arch enemies with Call of Duty fans pretty much starting from the Halo 3 days, berating them for having the same each time yet it seems that’s what a lot of Halo players seem to want.

Either way, evolving the way a franchise plays isn’t always a great thing. Halos fanbase was very loyal, many feel hurt that the formula has changed significantly ever since Reach mostly. People shouldn’t just leave. I’m not that happy with the game but I try to focus on the parts I do enjoy. I have major issues with the game, as do many for so many reasons that I won’t go into now. Should I leave? A franchise I’ve followed since the day combat evolved launched? If enough people voice their opinions about issues, chances are 343 may listen. If people just lay down and accepted MCC for what is was at launch, do you think patches would have been out of the door at the speed they were? It’s possible that MCC could still have been in trouble at this point.

One thing that binds us all together is our love for Halo, whether people are complaining or praising the game we all want what is best for the franchise. We all want Halo to do well