The Halo Bulletin: 7/13/11

Comic-Con, and Halo Fest, and Halo: Anniversary! Oh my!

Another excellent use of text. Thank you!

This was a good read. I enjoyed it. It makes PAX Prime seem even more awesome and I wish I could get to SDCC!

I’m completely bummed I’m in central USA. You guys need to come to Chicago so maybe (but doubtfully) I can attend an event.

Needs moar title update

Quite light but it still aknowledges the existance of stuff [:)]
I wish I could go to Comic-Con! I’m super interested in the halo universe panel. Is there going to be a livestream about it?

This was very interesting I definitely enjoyed reading it. But kind of up set that I won’t be able to make it to the comic-con cos I’m stuck in England LOL. Mega-ultra sad face :_____ (

Surprised nobody’s mentioned the bit where you mention we’ll have some direct input in the Title Update.

This sounds like just what the doctor ordered for Reach. I can’t wait to participate in whatever information-gathering racket you guys are running here. Feedback feedback feedback! =D!

Read it, it was great. I’m really psyked to hear the music that will be used in Halo: Anniversary. In fact, i’m dying to play it! Hopefully next week there will be more info on it.

I have really grown to love the H:B. I can’t wait for the extreme dumping of details. :wink:


That poster for Halofest looks super cool. I can’t wait!

The anticipation mounts! Woo!

needs moar stuff on GRD/BoB helmet


Loved it! Needs moar body odors though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, bs angel. I love you. And about last week…when I said I was just a tad disappointed with the lack of information…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I just…I was frustrated and…well, you showed me how it is this week. I hope we can continue our long and prosperous relationship, unscathed by this mutual exchange over the past week. I mean…face it. You need me. And I need you. It’s a mutual abiding love that we have (of Halo). So please don’t be too mad if I get incessant again. <3

We out. Til next post. See y’all later!

> What’s up with (insert something Halo-related here)? In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I still need moar details!
> We have a lot we want to share with you, and we’ll do so when the time is right. Sometimes this bulletin will include so much information that there will be a very real possibility you just may explode from the extreme dumping of details. Other times, the news will be light, and you’ll leave with the same questions you had upon your arrival. Such is the nature of the game, dear reader. But whatever each week brings, I can assure you of this: we’ll get through it. Together.

okay that made me smile… we’re waiting… impatiently :slight_smile:

Cool Halofest poster too. wish I lived in the U.S!