The Halo Bulletin: 4.5.12

Dat cover.

Dat bulletin.

Thanks Jess!

Thanks very much!

Thanks so much can’t wait for the gameinformer.

There it is.

Guess I’ll have to shuffle down to Gamestop and get this issue when it comes out.

now we wait till the issue gets out.

14 pages damn.

and gameplay tests in summer in the studio? Yeah… eff you. No beta, but americans will have a perfect chance to play it? hm I hope you are at gamescom in Europe.

or simply release a beta :frowning:

I don’t have the gameinformer; will likely need to wait until that information makes its way to the Internet tubes. It’s in the May edition…does that mean it comes out in actual May, or is it more of a late-April sort of deal?

Too bad microsoft didn’t accidentally think I worked for them when y’all were doing those internal test things. I’d mostly just want to test if neutral assault gametypes include a “killed the bomb carrier” kind of medal, and if gravity hammers can do cool things with gravity like they could in halo 3.

“The game is looking really sharp and fairly far along, which is

always great to see this early. The reveal of [Yoink!] is going

to be the ‘Holy sh–’ moment. That’s going to be the star of our

story, I think." -Matt Miller, Game Informer

What is “Yoink”???/

More details soon…

That’s now!

I’m guessing those were the heat maps for Warhouse and Wraparound in the bulletin right?

The Game Informer issue looks absolutely amazing.

14 pages! I’m going to faint.

And im guessing… We cant get Gameinfomer in the UK?

Why is Cortana naked?

Dat quote.

> We are interested in hearing your thoughts about Halo 4’s gameplay, though, so we’re hoping to have some cool playtest events at the studio this summer. You can expect more details about those events as the dates get closer.

So the only way to get to playtest Halo 4 (if it actually happens) is at your studio, this summer (probably during HaloFest 2012).

Dat sadface. :frowning:

Shotgun = Cyan
AR = Purple
Olive = Pistol
Red = BR
Blue = DMR
… How’d I do?

According to the heatmaps, does this mean Norsestorm (my codename for WH:) and Möbius (Wraparound) have both achieved a free-flow feel, or that people can be killed from anywhere the moment they spawn?

Is Cortana retaining code?

More waiting…!

“Hey - we’re taking Jet Packs out of Arena, and seeing if more people play. If there is a positive response, we will leave it that way.”

4 days later…

“We are putting in a super-jackpot weekend, so be sure to come on down and play lots of extra Arena!!!”

Skew your data much?

> Why is Cortana naked?

She always has been in EVERY Halo game.

So excited for gameinformer this month!!!