The Halo Brotherhood clan is Recruiting

The Blood of are enemies Is but a stamp of are Passing~HB Motto .Hello I am a member of the Halo Brotherhood(HB) Clan .We are a clan that started on Reach back in June of 2011 and are now going stronger then ever on Halo 4.We are A Competitive/Fun Based Clan .We Love to Play Oddball,CTF and Team Regicide.We do though play basically every Gametype .We Enjoy Competitive Multiplayer with Callouts and strategy .We also enjoy Fun customs with Flood and Races .Weather you be a casual or Competitive HB is a Clan for you .The rules are You be 14 or older but no Older then 20.We also ask for you to Have a Plus K/D .Anyone has a chance to have a good HB career because we elect all of are Leaders .In HB everyone has a say in the future .There is much more Info and you can see it here at are clan Website
If you are Interested in Joining Please Message on Xbox.
ALIEN INVADER X ,ImalittleO or xxWarzonexx1997.Goodbye and Hope to welcome you to are Band of Brothers .

Update.Are CTF,and Oddball teams are now complete and we are looking for more players .Also any good Forgers and Custom designers are Welcome .

Update.We will be very soon posting a Youtube video.If you join there is a good chance you will be in it.Thanks

Hey there, pretty good halo player here looking to join your clan, gt HDC Crazy