The Halo 4 Servers Are Not Available

Yesterday at about lunch time my friends and I noticed that when we were going to play a match, it would tell us the “The Halo 4 Servers Are Not Available”. We then realized we could still play matchmaking, except it says only a couple hundred people are playing. We can’t play Spartan Ops due to the same thing, and we can’t join any parties as well. This issue still persists as of right now and was wondering if anyone had a fix for it.


I was just playing a few minutes ago.

Try resetting your Xbox or your router.

same issue reset modem, router and xbox no go im about to perform maintenance on my xbox

Yeah I have tried that. Here is what I’ve tried:

Turning off Xbox / overnight

Resetting the Xbox network and recreating it

Switching to a different profile and back

Power cycling the router

Taking the disks out and then back in

Reinstalling the game and disks

I am getting the exact same problem as mentioned here… online playlists show only a couple of hundred players, spartan ops is down and I cannot join friends or have them join me… (the message “Halo 4 Servers Are Not Available”… is prevelant.)

This problem has happened a good few times to myself and to a couple on my friends list; previously a revert to dashboard or a sign-in/sign out fixed this issue - or just simply waiting an hour then trying again.

However this time around it has been like this for two days, all I want is to play the game I paid for. Any news, fixes or advice would be greatly appreciated; otherwise I will be stuck on FIFA13 for the foreseeable future… :frowning:

I have the same problem since yesterday morning.

Honestly the server side of things have been so problematic at times that it feels like I’m playing a beta and not a full game.

Hi Dudes !
Same probleme
I have 2 xbox, 1 Elite and 1 Slim on the same router
On my Elite “problem server” but on the Slim it’s good
WTF !!!???
We can’t play with Spartan if we have an Elite ??? … sorry … loool

yeah i tried yesterday to play some game types but it said only defalt playlist was avalible. Do we have to wait for the next update to force fix it?

I have the Xbox Slim and it still isn’t working. So it’s not just the old Xbox that is having the issues.

@xKREEKx Thx for the precision

Yeah some of my friends have the old vanilla xbox 360 and half of theirs work, while the other half doesn’t. It’s confusing as to what could cause this.

KREEK maybe a server overload or just some sort of troubleshoot with the servers but im not to sure

Well currently everyones playing halo, I cant join them so lonely… even if i try to play online solo I can only ever earn around 750 EXP… so lame…

I just reset my router completely and it worked…for three seconds and then went back to the servers are not available crap.

Just cleared the system cache…let’s see if that works.

Edit: Nope :confused:

quick question were did everyone buy ther halo walmart,gamestop(ect)

I got mine at Walmart, although that should have nothing to do with it. The same disc is sent to all retailers.

I could try resetting the Xbox to factory settings, as it seems the issue is tied directly to the console itself, or at least that is what everyone is describing. BUT that would pretty much format the HDD and thus deleting everything on it such as my saves and such. Not worth it…yet.

well i think the problem started when they put in at least one new gametype swat but there was no update it just showed up from what im hearing from friends so not having an update may have caused some xboxes to not acknowledge the new content thus saying its failing in MP and not allowing us to play the full playlist

I think that could happen but not to sure

My game says the same thing. Halo 4 servers unabailable. Can’t access spartan ops and can barely play matchmaking also my stats aren’t registering. Someone please help need my halo 4 fix!!!