What is this, and how do I fix it?

Got the same issue have no idea how to fix it

Also having the same Issue, I’m talking to a few friends though who are happily playing?javascript:__doPostBack(‘ctl00$MainContent$forum$ctl03$Preview’,’’)

Same, and I’m a SR1 all of a sudden.

Yeah I’ve gone back to SR1 as well, When I press start and access my loadouts there all there though but I cant use them in game

It happens at every game launch. It means the game servers failed. Be patient.

Well i stayed on the Dashboard for about 30 minutes. Started it up just 2 minutes ago. Get into The War Games. All the playlists were there. Boom right when i Click find match it searches for one. Backed out, Playlists are gone again :stuck_out_tongue: Just a minor server issue. Still loving this game.

Same Im SR1 now, I hope my stats go back to how they were…

Your stats will deffo come back, Just give it an hour or so

I don’t know what they mean by Default servers what the hell are thows im playing on them now are they like offline back up servers there are like a few hundred people pm them

Man i was freaking loving the gameplay too. Please 343 work some magic and get them damn servers back up and firing at full force soon. Love- Every unlukcy halo player thats dealing with this.

Same right now, I installed disc 2, put in disc 1 and went to War Games and it gave me the same error. Damn, I hope it’s fixed soon, I was really looking forward to trying War Games out.


This is so annoying. Everyone on my list is playing actual matchmaking but me…

Same bro So annoying!

same here. first i went, then my friend, and finally another guy i was playing with. the servers are slowly deranking everyone…

its going down. im actually pretty pissed right now. come on everybody knew that many people will play but the servers are breaking down anyway. cmon 343 i cant even play campaign with my friends -_-

This happened to me too, campaign here i come

We apologize for the inconvenience here guys and the team is currently investigating the issue. We appreciate your patience.

I’ve created a sticky thread here for updates so please use that for sharing any feedback. Thanks.

I have it too, kind of a bummer. Halo Waypoint tweeted this: We are aware of the servers issues & currently investigating. We will keep you updated. Thanks for your patience.

Oh well, this is a good enough reason to start busting down campaign till my friend’s copy arrives in the mail ^.^