The Halo 4 Infinity Challenge !?!

Did you guys here about this? I think its awesome, what do you think??

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A chance to get featured in the next Halo title and win a UNSC themed Ford pickup truck.

343 Industries have just announced the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge. An international free-to-join tournament that will take place during the Spartan Ops mid-season break.

Image link of the truck :

The tournament is broken up into two parts. A War Games based tournament and a Spartan Ops based tournament. The War Games tournament will basically be a global leaderboard that tracks the number of kills and points you earn. Whereas the Spartan Ops leaderboard will track the number of chapters you complete.

This is yet another great way 343 Industries engages it’s community. The participants have a chance to win from over 2,800 prizes including the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck as the 1st place prize in the War Games ladder and the winners of the Spartan O…

It’s a cool idea and I’d love to be in Halo 5 in some way but I’m not going to bother entering. There are too many people who will grind Spartan Ops far more than I have time to compete with.

I think this is the most interesting part:

“343 Industries will also be releasing a patch before the launch of the tournament and we’ll be keeping a keen eye on all of the participants for cheats and various exploits.”

A patch as in a Title Update? I can’t wait to see what they fix.