The Halo 4 ending disscusion

Spoilers…herpa derp a derp

So what do you guys think of the ending? Are we going to see Cortana again?

Here are my thoughts

When Cortana launched herself at the Didact she is now a a part of him in some sense. And you are going to have to find the Didact in Halo 5 and get a part of Cortana back so that you can take her back to Dr. Hollsy.(idk how you spell that)Then have her recreated and her memories but back into this new Cortana. The reason I think this because for one, the Didact is a force using flying being that has minions that can teleport, so i assume he can. so he wouldn’t die that easily. Also Cortana says something along the lines of “most of me is down there” I am assuming that down there is Earth maybe, so there is a part of her so she can come back some how.