The Halo 4 Custom Game Reclaimation Thread

Custom games are many things to many people. Some play scrimmages as a means to test new strategies or to hone their skills before heading out into Matchmaking. Others enjoy a more casual spirit of customs, emulating the days where friends would gather on a couch and mess about, grenades thrown all over. Others still find deviating gametypes such as Fat Man, Cops & Robbers, and Race to be most appealing. Whatever your playstyle, there’s probably a custom game out there for you, unless you don’t have friends (at which point, I would recommend you obtain said friends), thus it is important that we as the people of this great nation (Nouth Ameuroceania) turn our attention to the future of custom games, and how the changes made in Halo 4 will affect us as custom gamers.

As you well know, Halo 4 is changing the game up a bit. Default sprint, ordinance, and custom loadouts pop out first and foremost as the main additions. There are new gametypes, too, and old ones are being cast out. Flood, Regicide, Grifball, and Dominion replace Infection, Juggernaut, Assault, and Invasion respectively. There is an all-new gametype called Extraction, and Race, VIP, Headhunter, and Stockpile are discarded without suitable replacements. These additions, substitutions, and deletions cause a massive shift in what is possible within the confines of a Customs lobby. It is for this reason that I have made this thread - to take back our beloved user-created gametypes of olde from the confines of their previous iterations and learn how, with these changes, we as a community will be able to rebuild them.

Here are some questions to begin this discussion, answer as many or as few as you like, and contribute your own piece as well if an already proposed topic doesn’t address your concerns:

>What, if any, of the custom games that you enjoyed in Halo 3 / Reach are no longer possible?

>How do you think a fan favorite (Fat Man for example) could be recreated with the new features in mind?

>Conversely, what would be your strategy for recreating a fan favorite, with attempts to mitigate unneeded new features as much as possible?

>Do you have creative ideas regarding exploitation of Halo 4’s additions to the gameplay? If so, what are they?

>With the new Forge system in mind, do you see yourself creating maps yourself to go with your gametypes?

>Infection has been the base engine for most minigames in Halo 3 and Reach. How do you think Flood being its replacement will affect that?

It seems no men have a place for Custom Games anymore.