The Halo 4 Bonus Trading Station Scam Artists

In this thread we will expose members for scamming others out of their bonus codes. Mods should somehow label these people so they will be known whenever they post.

Confirmed Scam Artists

Sticky This Please

Please sticky. Scammers should be banned from playing halo 4. If no action is taken, it is only reinforcing the fact they can get away with it. Thanks

Be forewarned. This thread will not be stickied, in fact it will probably be deleted. The user boards are not the proper venue for reporting this type of thing.

then what is the proper venue, if not here?

You need to report it to Microsoft or 343i Customer Service. Putting on the boards like this violate the TOS/UA of the boards.

BTW, if I were you, I would remove the personal information from the main post.

The trading station was deemed use at your own risk. Also, calling out individual members is against the rules of the forums. Thank you for understanding.