The Halo 2 situation

Lke many of us I want a legit Halo 2 multi-player experience to come back. The sad thing is there is no really GOOD way to play Halo 2 online right now so here are the options and suggestions that I have heard and I want to see which one is the most popular.

  1. Halo 2 Anniversary.
    The good: Improved Graphics, Remastered Campain, Co-op over XBL
    The bad: No garantee that we will get the multiplayer, Expensive

  2. Halo 2 multiplayer XBLArcade
    The good: Complete Halo 2 multiplayer, Some (hopefully) better graphics, Cheap
    The bad: No campain:(

  3. Update (and I mean for real) Halo 2 Vista
    The good: Cheap, Better Graphics than the Xbox version, Campain & MP included
    The bad: Vista has several Problems that need fixing, Microsoft has dropped support. (I think)

  4. Bring Halo 2 servers back online.
    The good: Cheap, We get multiplayer back, Good for Nostalgia
    The bad: I dont think 343i has the control to do this,Microsoft will want more money so this is probably the most unreal option of the 4.

So what do you think would be best for us Halo 2 fans and which one do you guys want to see the most?

We need Halo 2 Multiplayer back. All those are options are very clever and well thought out. Great post. I think XBLA is the best bet or an Anniversary so it gets a widespread release.

Halo 2 MP is worth a hell of a lot more than it’s campaign.

Halo 2 XBLA would be a cheap way to bring back multiplayer from Halo 2. This would only bring back half of the experience so people couldn’t really call it a remake. This would finally stop people from saying 343i is “milking” the franchise (which they clearly aren’t).

HELL NO, Worst MP in Halo History, why do you think this is Fun, BR were the only -Yoink!- gun people used unlessed they spawned with SMG or picked up Rocket or Sniper

1 is the best and most obvious choice, and as a bonus, a Halo 2 re-orchestrated soundtrack will probably be released as well! :smiley: