The guy that always goes 2 kills and 18 deaths...

Should lose double Xp.

Or not. Everyone’s a new at some point or another.

Party up with me if you want to win…
tab ki1o

I try to play the beta with a full party to avoid that guy.

Of course in a team based game, if that person had 30 assists, heck even 20, there’d be absolutely no problem. The question might fall onto you and did you do everything to support your team to ensure the win OR did you use your team to get kills and then get mad that you still didn’t get the win?

When playing to win, tactically loosing ground in one position might help gain more in another. If a death ensures the flag or powerweapon are gotten to where they’re intended to go, the death was not a waste.
If a player supports their team until they die to ensure local engagements go in their favour, the death was not a waste.
If a player engages an enemy’s flank but the rest of their team does not capitalise on the distraction, the death WAS a waste.

Now punish AFC’s??? OF COURSE!!!