The Guardians and more

So when the Didact woke and we got to see a taste of forerunners might, they came up with the trilogy of forerunner books that explains much of the human-forerunner war and forerunner-flood war, but it didn’t explain why now the domain became active in Halo 5 lore (maybe it was Cortana?) or the guardians and the forerunner soldiers?!

You think the Didact would have gone to access the domain first then use the guardians and the forerunner soldiers instead of us just fighting Promethium knights and ragtag covenant remnants like we did in 4

I mean if I was the Didact I would try to find the Janus Key (Spartan Ops) and find all the missing forerunner tech, then I would start conquering the galaxy, but maybe the composer was a effective weapon and he would have done this after he dealt with the humans…man I miss the Didact

You are aware the Didact isn’t necessarily dead. He is however contained as he was launched into the Composer’s Forge and subsequently composed. If 343 ever want to bring him back, they can, but they’d need to find an excuse to put his essence into another body

Ya another weird thing, at first he couldn’t become composed in his new form, then in the comic he gets multiply composed to finally do it and yes I read that the forerunners could put their forms in younger bodies but according to the librarian it didn’t work, so if anything he would just be like the librarian, a holographic form spewing hate at humans until he finds a way to have his revenge, but I’d like to think he is back with his wife in the domain and are happy together

They could also just say that comic isn’t canon. It’s pretty bad anyway.

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I mean YOU could, but it is still unfortunately canon and everything that happened in that arc will remain in the canon, such as Black Team being KIA (listed MIA).

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The Domain is rebooted by Bornstellar in the short story “Promises to Keep”. The Halo wiped it out, and after the reboot, it slowly began expanding out from Maethrillian. By the time we get to Halo 5, it’s spread far enough for Cortana to reach through it and access the Guardians.

There was no reason for the Didact to access the Domain, because all of the information that had been in it was purged when the Halos fired. Also, the Didact as one individual who had commanded the Forerunners military forces for centuries, he already knew where the Forerunners’ most powerful weapons were, so he didn’t have to look them up.

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Where’s the short story?! :scream:

It’s in Halo: Fractures.

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He’s driven by his need for vengeance and believes he has the tools to wipe out humanity in a single stroke. So he takes the oath of least resistance by getting the Mantles Approach which is on Requem, getting the Composer for poetic justice and going to where 95 percent of humanity lives.

It would be too involved to summon all of the Guardians and amass them. He doesn’t want to conquer the Galaxy, he wants to kill humanity. If Cortana had wanted to do that she would have just done Judgement Day and hacked the nuclear silos or turned Earths MAC cannons around.

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But nukes in earth won’t kill the ones in space but also Cortana version of the mantle is the typical I Robot theology which “humans cause harm so they must be contained” the Didact was vengeance for losing his children during the war with the ancient humans so that explains why he didn’t do what Cortana did by summoning the guardians to police them, but it be kinda fun if he just watch worlds be destroyed just awakening huge death machines and then composing them just to make more promethium knights, then when he’s done he can try to fix the domain and transfer the essence in the promethium knights and have a big celebration party when done! Lol :joy:

In Halo Fractures, the Forerunners left behind begin the re-activation of the domain after the firing of the rings.
This was seemingly, an extremely slow process, taking 100,000 years plus to happen.
Call it coincidence in timing, until we know better, if we ever do.

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Lol advanced alien races my -Yoink!-, precursors turn to dust to be reformed to become the flood and forerunners try to digitized themselves to become a.i lol