The grenades are fine!

The grenade radius and lethalness are perfect in my opinion. No different than the past games.


The grenades are fine imo. They’re strong, but they’re not mini-nuke strong like Halo 1 grenades.

The main issue is the lack of friendly fire outside of Ranked, so the grenade spam as 0 consequences when your team is around.


Grenades are fine. Problem is the lack of friendly fire so people can just mindlessly toss them in with no repercussion

Nah, they are not. Every engagement you get at least 4 nades thrown at you. Slows gameplay forcing you to hide behind a wall until the nade spam ends instead of actually engaging with your opponents.

That’s just Halo though. If the enemy team wants to throw every grenade they have it’s their choice. What’s annoying is they can now just mindlessly toss them into close quarters fights with no worry of hurting their own team. It’s funny hearing people that play Ranked complaining about how often they get betrayed with grenades. It’s because social is teaching people it’s ok to spam grenades. Then they take that habit over into Ranked.