The Grenade Launcher Warthog Yay or Nay???

What if there was a grenade launcher turret on the warthog in the matchmaking???

Here’s how it would work (In theory) would a auto-grenade launcher(Refer to the Falcon’s Auto-Grenade turret for examples) on the turret of the Hog. It can fire very fast and deals medium damage to infantry (5 shots to take out shields,3 to kill) and also deals light damage to vehicles. The only drawback would be that the launcher can overheat very quickly so it will be balanced and not overpowered.

The theory in the above paragraph is my theory of how it could work and I would like some feedback if it’s a good idea or not but besides that, See You Starside…

Id rather see a flame mortar hog of some sort, lulzy gameplay
maybe like a human revenant that shoots fire balls or napalm

Awesome idea. The more hogs the better. Minigun, Gauss, transport, flamethrower, and grenade launcher would be a sweet hog line up. They don’t all need to be featured in on-disc multilayer maps but let forgers and future map packs take advantage of the plethora of hogs.