The Green Team looking for able bodies!

Ever wonder why you’re here? Don’t worry, that’s how we are every waking moment. An UNSC First Contact Spartan Company, we focus on relic acquisition and diplomatic processes on new worlds.

No but really, what used to be an unprepared and newly-formed Machinima team to create a sort of homage to our favorite Roses vs Violets, this idea formed into something more. Sure, we’re planning to try our hand at bringing the Green Team to screens everywhere, but until then we’re focusing our efforts on team play. Be it Warzone, Legendary Co-op, or all-around PvP, we’ve got your bases covered. Not to mention a few members are seeking to enter HCS Winter champs. :wink: Forge Maps will be created for Company Ops and as an outlet to hone skills - be it casual or competitive. Now, the question remains: You think you’re cut out for this line of duty? If so, all applications are being accepted, fireteams will be formed promptly after.

Definitely in need of someone with forge skills or is good with setting up team pages. :’)
And more folks for team play, definitely some HCS candidates.