The greed and folly of 343 Industries

Alot of people like myself, have waited so patiently for Halo Infinite to release, literal years in the making at this point, and 343 are already making trouble for themselves in the MP beta by deceptively using paywalls to block all the good customization from the game, it’s no coincidence that all the free rewards in the battlepass suck on purpose a move to make naive or the weak willed buy the battle pass out of desperation. No one asked for microtransactions and cheap tactics and no one wants them in Halo, it will only end up putting alot of people off playing the game and damaging the franchise and the community.

As a long time fan of Halo, the solution is to revert back to historical expectations, once you buy the game you should then be able earn the most unique rewards and customization through time, skill and effort like a true Halo player has always done. This means making the battlepass free or if you must pander to your greedy executives a 1 time purchase ONLY where the battlepass rewards ingame currency at certain stages so you can buy the next season for free as long as you complete it in time, people who missed out would have to buy ingame currency to unlock the next season, which I think is still reasonable for both parties.

This also means completely removing all microtransactions from the store page until 343 figures out a better plan, If you want the playerbase to spend more money on the game, then you need to come up with some worthy content that we WANT to purchase instead of dividing the player base by using standard features of the game as psychological weapons to make money from people, which is the same scummy tactics all the other developers use. 343 owns the Halo franchise, that means something, 343 has to be different to ensure Halo Infinite is a success, 343 needs to mend burnt bridges from Halo 5, set the bar in the FPS sector and build some rapport and learn from the mistakes of other massive online games inparticular like Blizzard - Activision.

In summary, customization in Halo is special, it means more than you think, it’s not about how big of a whale you are, it’s an ingame societial gage players use to recognise each other, to understand what kind of player their dealing with, it’s a test of a players mettle by the armor they wear through their acheivements they have EARNED! and not paid for. Now if this paywall rubbish continues it will only be the beginning of the end, it will not stop, customization will become meaningless glitter, a pointless task, killing off the meaning of part of the game you made forever.

So do yourselves and player base a solid, do the right thing and cut the crap, do not lie or mislead us again and avoid taking this shameless, greedy path that so many other games have walked down and never returned, because in the long term 343 will be worse off for it.


I’m not even asking for everything, or even the majority of customization items to be free, I just want a compelling way to earn armor & a reasonable assortment of items to unlock

while we’re at it remove customization restrictions from armor cores, it only exists to sell you the same items multiple times.

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