The Greatest Game Mode Ever.

Alright, 343i, after Halo wars 2 and the upcoming expansion, I must say you are heading in the right direction for story. Now, gameplay. I enjoyed Halo 5’s gameplay very much, but it was lacking game modes and variability. Now i present to you Act Man’s latest video (which I’m sure most of you have seen)
The Act Man: Greatest Game-Mode Ever
So in this video, Act Man outlines his fantastic idea on a game-mode for Halo 6. If you don’t have time to watch the video, let me sum it up for you. A mix of Warzone, Dominion, Invasion, Conquest from OG Battlefront and Operations from Battlefield 1.
Run down of the game mode: Elites vs Spartans. Either can be defending depending on the setting and situation. setting or situation can be an example of defending the Pillar of Autumn or defending Delta Halo against the attacking UNSC. Both teams start with basic weaponry of their choosing, whether that be from loadouts or simply on the map. From here, there will be several attack points (command posts) like battlefront to capture. Both teams could have AI helping to defend or attack. As the attackers progress, the map gets bigger and the weapons and vehicles available become stronger. Near the climax of the attack, the goal will be to kill a boss the defenders are defending, or to blow something up or something like that. Varieties of this game-mode can easily be made as well
The Act Man explains this in much more detail and makes it sound way more awesome with the visuals he’s provided. I think this would be a brilliant starting point for a great game-mode that you guys at 343i should consider. I’m a massive fan of Halo and it hurts to see people constantly bashing it, I just want you to show them who’s boss.
So, people, what do you think? Any ideas to add?

Feel free to use one of the h6 wishlist threads in GD.