The Greatest Blunder

I post this at a time when the employees are not at work. A Saturday at 3 am on the East Coast.

Thank you for your efforts on the Halo franchise. But it is no where near enough. Time after time I have seen interviews and updates that say we hear the complaints and issues. I do not think they truly see what has transpired.

I think once hired to work on Halo their hunger is satisfied. Whereas the original trilogy was out to define itself and redefine what it meant to play FPS. Plus all the other competitors in todays markets stealing players by the minute.

I think the greatest thing that the Halo franchise had going for it was the cross gameplay experience. Play a match of Halo 1 then some Halo3 followed by some Reach campaign. A absolute advantage that was completely wasted with Infinite’s release.

The plain fact that I cannot search a game of Infinite alongside Halo 2 or any other game/mode is the blunder that is 343 and a cumulation of the past decade.

The hype around Infinite brought every orginal Halo player back to MCC on PC. I doubt we retained 1% of those gamers. Nor do I see a way to bring them back into the fold #RIP

Absolute blunder…. Nothing their to retain them. Cat Ears for $20…… like my god, what a defining moment. Not even able to play the campaign together.

When MCC came to PC, I was playing with folks I hadn’t gamed with in 5+ years then BLUM/ YOICH. Definitive garbage, zero money from me or any of my pals. Gone to the ether. Maybe I’ll see them again at 30th high school reunion.

In the mean time I’ll keep on MCCing. Maybe I’ll buy it again for $100 to add Infinite support. I wonder if that is apart of your ten year plan. Oh yeah, I want a paycheck for play testing Infinite on H5.