The gravity hammer has no business one shotting

not when it’s as inconsistent as it is right now. countless times i’ve been killed before the animation even finished and other times what SHOULD have killed me only breaks my shields.

also please can we stop pretending it has a long wind up? is that something this community can stop saying now? considering the damage it does the wind up isn’t nearly long enough

H3’s hammer was perfect. They should have just done the same in this game. The range of this hammer is why it has such a long wind up. Making it any longer would just make the thing absolutely useless.

Compare the wind up from the H3 hammer to this one, and you will see why everyone says the wind up is too long. Hammer should do no splash damage whatsoever. Eliminate the splash damage and give it a faster wind up. If you hit the opponent, it’s a kill. If you don’t it’s a miss. It really should be as easy as that.

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Really? It basically is the counterpart to the sword with a bit of damage spread, idk how you can say the wind up should take longer when a sword can triple kill a group in the same time it takes for one hammer swing.

My issue with the hammer isn’t the one tap its the spread. Getting killed by a hammer you’re 20ft away from is super annoying.

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and that spread is super inconsistent. often i’ll hit someone right up close and get a hit marker but then i’ll be hit by it much further away and knocked to jupiter


I find that too - very frustrating

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