The grav hammer is sooo overpowered

After playing “Fiesta” for a while, I sadly noticed that the gravity hammer is very overpowered. The damage range is so huge that you cannot run backwards and try to shoot someone running towards you with the hammer. Smashing with the hammer is like shooting with a pump gun :smiley: I hope it will be adjusted.


aye, especially with the grappling hook. decrease the range and increase the ammo cost by a little, and it should be ballanced then

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Disagree. it’s underpowered and slow. Kind of feels useless.


Even with the thruster, I can’t seem to get out of its range.

I can’t understand why 343 is changing so many weapon balances. I mean there could be some small adjustments but in Halo Infinite, a lot of weapons feel like completely new to me


are you serious? really?

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Feel the same way, the range its insane, you dont even need to get close to the enemy because the blast radious will get the kill.

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Well Gravity hammer is a power weapon for a reason. Players are sleeping on equipments like repulsor, sonar and trusters… thats how i manage to kill hammer users.

Hammer is fine, its just people that have not figured out an effective way to counter them.

My way is to repulse them away and instantly throw nades almost on me and start shooting the hammer user. Remeber repulsor do a bit damage .

But if you are in a melee zone, then any melee weapon can kill you


Hey, not to be rude but that’s entirely the point. They’ve re-geared the entire sandbox so it doesn’t feel like the Halo of yesterday. If it helps any, I’ve been playing since 2001 and I’m having trouble adapting to the changes they’ve made. I make a little more progress each day but it’s an uphill battle.

I say it’s fine as it is, it’s not really that overpowered

Yeah, go play Halo Reach and try to come back with how the Grav “is OP”

Never mind you are wide open because of the delay to even use it :man_shrugging:

Yeh the delay to use it is painful. Soon as I picked it up I instantly regretted using it.


It’s about timing, but you are right, it is painful :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeh seems it…though I don’t think I’d enjoy using it in griffball if it ever turns up. Just feels too sluggish.

Agree with this way to sort it out

Yeah, that’s annoying.

Oh hell no, that would suck big time.

Remember when there was a risk when using a Grav Hammer?

Remember when you had to get really close to get a kill with it?

Nowadays someone who has a Grav Hammer can -Yoink!- you up from a mile away, and there’s literally no risk when Grapple Hammer combo’d.

Grav Hammer was already stupidly strong, and Grapple Hook makes it so that the risk is zero and the reward is too high.

I get what they were going for. A reeeallllyyy slow wind up with a huge payoff, it makes sense, that’s where the risk should be, in the wind up, the slow attack for the massive damage, but the Grapple Hook mitigates that risk, you can swish in, wind up before you hit the ground, and the range from the swing is far too great for anyone to appropriately react to.

Hammer is overtuned right now, and the Grapple Hammer Combo is just godlike.

again you can Repulse grapple hooks away from you …
wanna know something funny?
Energy sword has further lunge range then Gravity hammers kill zone…either way are you in a 8 meter range, then you are dead from any melee weapon.

There are many ways to counter a hammer user.