okay so lets start with the bad so we can end on a happy note :slight_smile:

so from what i can tell the progression leveling system sounds a lot like CoDs. i was okay with it before but after reading that you will unlock weapons also i dont like it that much anymore. while i dont like it there are a lot of ways 343i could implement it so it might work out. and the fact that elites are not in MM makes me kinda sad even though i was never an elite. it is sad to see them go

lets move onto the good now and that being “spartan ops”. they said it will be kinda like spec ops from CoD which i dont like but the fact that they said they are going to update the missions and add more every week or so sounds awesome plus they are making it so it is your spartan going on these missions which is one of the only things i liked in reach, the fact that your personal spartan was in everything.

so no firefight… i never really played firefight in reach because it was terrible compared to ODST. i wont really miss it that much plus there is alot more value in spartan ops then there is firefight so while i am sad to see it go it is not that bad. with the return of AAs i am a little skeptical but they are not bringing back the likes of AL and i can almost guarantee that they will nerf the crap out of jetpack so i am not really worried about that

now that that is over i have one question and that is what is the assault carbine GI said it was one of the weapons that they played with but what is it?

and finally disregard my poll it is a little thing between me and my pals so if you would please be honest to help us out. thank you guys fr reading this and please leave feedback on my thoughts.

Did anybody ever watch Duck Tales? That was Disney wasn’t it? My fav movie when I was a kid, the one where they find the magic lamp with the genie.