The Good Days. (Not a rant)

I was playing today and I noticed how much I miss all of the little things in the past Halo games (H2 and H3).

What ever happened to all of those little things that were in multiplayer maps and campaign? Remember the really neat and weird easter eggs from them? All of the little aspects of maps?

There were the fusion coils on maps that you had to avoid.
How the map Isolation in Halo 3 would become more Flood like overtime.
The weapon glitches you could do that didn’t effect gameplay (candy carbine).
The skulls in Halo 2 campaign that would allow you to do certain things.
The many easter eggs in the campaign such as the R.E.X sword on the first mission.
The really weird Easter eggs in Halo 3 like the monkey people and the pictures of Bungie employes.

What about how there were even easter eggs in the multiplayer maps?

Remember the Canadian coin on Snowbound?
The picture of a Bungie employee of in the distance on Standoff?
The splatter medal on Sandbox?
The hippo in the trash on Foundry and HighGround?

Remember how in Halo 2 you could actually get outside of a map without it killing you? It may have made some people mad in Matchmaking, but in custom games it was a fun thing to do with friends.

I really miss the forging in Halo 3 especially…when someone made an amazing map or creation on there it was something to be surprised by because forging took a lot more skill then. There was no automatic morphing and locking. You actually had to do a glitch to get things to go inside one another. Now when someone makes something it’s not that great because it’s a lot easier.

Ever since Halo Reach came out, I’ve also noticed that custom games have been deteriorating. Like, no one really plays them anymore. I remember how me and my friends would play MLG customs probably more than Matchmaking since we were all level 50 generals anyways. Everyone would be playing infection games too, like Fatkid. I really miss that gametype, it was fun to play occasionally.

Haha does anyone remember playing zombies in Halo 2 when you actually had to switch teams once you were “infected”?

What about super jumping in Halo 2?

I miss all of the mods people had in Halo 2 and Halo 3. Aaaaaand that’s enough about that.

It’s like Bungie and 343i tried getting rid of all this when Reach came out. You can’t really do anything anymore rather than just play the game. Which is fine, it’s just nice to go play something fun in a custom game or do a glitch with some friends. I remember how in Halo 3 you could do certain things.

I miss all of that and it’s too bad things like this are not in Halo 4 and probably won’t be in future Halo games even though I won’t be playing as much since I’ll be in college and working on my future. It’s still a disappointment though from my perspective, being a Halo player for almost 9 years now.

What do you guys think? What do you miss?

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…and not a single f*** was given that day.

I miss that too. :open_mouth:

Yeah none of that is in Halo 4. Just doesn’t have the same feeling.