The good and the not so good in what is overall a very polish game but

Alright, so this is pretty much my feedback on the game since launch. I think there is major issues that need fixing but i got to give the team credit for releasing a very functional game. I had no issue during playtrough, no glitch, no stuff that really annoy me when a new game release. Its been all smooth. Otherwise when it comes to good, no need to say more. This is Halo… if you like Halo, you should like this gameplay. Its familiar while adding a bit of new stuff. I could mention the grappling hook wich is pretty nice, too bad its just a powerup, would make movement so much better imo, but then maybe it wouldn’t be Halo anymore? Oh well.

But despite the overall enjoyment of the game, i have a few but MAJOR (at least to me) issues with the game.

  1. Yes Battle Pass. Its a deadbeat horse at that point, there is not much else to say. Ill be honest tough, i taught the req pack of Halo 5 was just as bad. How many time i wasted buying packs, destroy cards, to buy more packs, to destroy more cards, ending with so little customization and instead a ton of Warzone cards. I got so tired of it i just said “to hell with it” and stop caring, like not even oppening my packs anymore. I know lootboxe style was popular then and some peoples get a lot of fun openning them as a thrill (kinda like i do when i open real life hockey cards pack) but this system was way too time wasting. Battlepass is a different breed but since release i just been doing what i did with Halo 5, not caring and using a default spartan… If you wanna do a battlepass system, Splitgate seem the way to go in my opinion.

  2. The playlist. Ok … maybe its because its considered a beta still but who taught it would be a good idea to mish mash all the modes together? Like seriously guys, i have no interest to do CTF, i wanna do Slayer. Forcing peoples in objective modes only end up having players not caring for the objectives and being a handicap for the team.

  3. No SWAT? Whats up with Swat… it seem to always be added later ultimately but guys this is a very popular mode and its very different to play. I don’t mind Slayer ocasionally and like i said above for the time of the beta its what i would do, but on MCC i been almost strickly playing SWAT… thats what i wanna play. So why isn’t it there?

  4. Stats on websites? This may minor to some peoples but im a stats junky… why Infinite has no stats on its service record page. Only challenges and other stuff like that. MCC and 5 has very detailed stats, i want the same for Infinite… Seeing my stats improve, my killcount go up etc is a huge part of the fun of the game for me…

Anyway, so these are my feedbacks. Overall ill repeat its a very polished game, they done great work on the gameplay and connectivity etc. But it make those “mistakes” even worst because an otherwise great game is flawed due to poor decisions, not due to itself, if that make any sense. Like seriously i must have spent 20 minutes the first day trying to find a way to click wich playlist i wanted to play or not. I couldn’t believe i had to play a mish mash of them all, even in rank??