The Good and Bad of Infinite’s state.

Look I love Halo from the Beginning and will always love it till the end, but the one thing that is on everyone’s right now is the graphics and design of the brutes. Yes the brutes needs to look more intimidating and their face completely remodeled. The Negative comments of the trailer is completely is completely immature, the reason why is because no one is understanding it’s a demo and was recorded months ago before Going to Quarantine due to The COVID-19 situation. The weapons looks well and I love it with the new ideas, but 343 got rid of the original shotgun with the new bulldog shotgun which frustrates me because it’s like the plasma rifle scenario with the storm rifle. The one thing I did love from the gameplay trailer was the grappling hook, it looks fun to use cause now I could throw fusion coils at the enemy’s and travel faster but it’s completely unnecessary since we have sprint. Overall I hope 343 give us another gameplay trailer that looks more detail so everyone could be happy and stop with the negativity about infinite.