The Ghosts of Christmas Future

I posted this on HBO last year, but wanted to share with all of you at Waypoint. Hope you enjoy… :wink:


The Ghosts of Christmas Future

T’was the night before battle, and all through the base
The burden of fighting decorated each face
The only reminder that it was Christmas Eve
Were the dirty green uniforms with red blood on their sleeves

It didn’t feel like a holiday, as the night fell on Reach
Not even Helljumpers thought it a day at the beach
The fires and floodlights assisted the stars
Shedding light on the wounded, with plasma-borne scars

With pistols and rifles, and fresh-sharpened knives
They would fight for survival of all human lives
Each soldier determined to put away fear
To make sure that their children would see Christmas this year

Just when all seemed darkest, they all heard a sound
The unmistakable rumble of a bird touching down
Stepping out was a legend, myths to cure what they feared
Hope was born once again when those heroes appeared

Everyone knew that they need fear no more
Their seven-foot saviors would win them this war
No matter how many, they fought all as one
Once more proving humanity’s time wasn’t done

“On Kelly! On Kurt! On Carter and Fred!”
Spartans only go missing, they’re never found dead.
“Now Linda and Lone Wolf, Tom, Lucy, and Jorge…
Behind us we place death, and ahead we shall forge!”

And as battle drew near, countless prayers cast toward Heaven
Found their way back to John 117.
He spoke just one order to those gathered that night…
“Merry Christmas to all, now let’s finish this fight!”