The game, seriously 343i?

Can you guys just fix your game already?
Honestly, EVERY TIME I am on an amazing streak in a game, the game decides to lag for so long that I am thrown out of game and lose everything about that game that was amazing. Every game I go into is as laggy as -Yoink-, and when ever I am winning I just get kicked out. Its like a 1/10 chance I can stay in a game that I am winning.
Not to mention spartan ops, DAMN.
Aside from the crappy maps, OP weapons, LAG, cheaters, weak forge, AND STUPID AS EVER CUSTOM GAMES-
This “much anticipated game” Halo 4 would have been more worth something; instead, you guys decided to rush the development so you could release it earlier than Black Ops 2.

Well I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if Halo 4 wasn’t the place to find a patient fan base.