The Game reset a completed map

So, In Reach I made a map in Forge world just for the sole purpose of screwing around in. It was modeled after Block Fort in Mario Kart 64, and was a really fun, wacky little map. When Halo 4 launched, I endeavored to remake it on the new game.

When I completed the map, including all of the block colors and all that jazz, I had invested perhaps six hours into it’s completion. This was yesterday. Today I tried to load the map up to play on in Custom Games and the map was reset to a VERY early save. I saved the map after every ten or fifteen minutes and quit so I could get the maximum experience out of it, and I made very sure I saved the map every time I loaded and ended the games.

And yet Forge reset it to a bare-bones stage in the construction concept, with only half a fort and the base complete. Has anyone else had this problem, having spent so much time forging only to realize your completed map has been reset to a previous save point?

I once spent an entire day forging a map on impact. i saved it, but for some reason it got corrupted and saved as a ravine map. The map was labeled under impact, but the picture was Ravine and would load ravine. Apparently this happened alot in Reach too.

So from now on I save often and always save as a new map as new version, ie. v1.01, v.102, etc.

You might want to try going through your map selection and picking the map again. It usually happens to me when I start up the game and go right into Forge, it shows the last map you forged on but not the most recent save.