The game needs playlist options ASAP

Seriously tired of being put into objective games and the whole team does nothing but wander around instead of doing the objective. It’s not even fun anymore.


100% agree. I’m so sick of CTF. Never enjoyed the mode and it’s what the game forces me to play 90% of the time.

They’re never going to do that. How else will you spend most of your challenge swaps?

What do Challenge swaps have to do with adding in proper playlists?

Team Objective
Free For All
Team Doubles
Team Snipers
Action Sack

There is no good reason for not launching the game with these playlists, at minimum. They had six years, twice the normal length taken for a Halo title, yet we have two playlists, four if you want to be generous and count ranked, social, and bot Arena separately.

It boggles the mind that after one of Halo 5’s most contentious issues was lack of playlists at launch, Halo Infinite launches with a fraction of that. It’s a shame because I’m in love with the gameplay; just wish I had a couple more ways to play it.

Have you ever received a challenge related to, for example, Oddball, and then you never found another Oddball match ever again?

It happens to me all the time. If they had playlists and you could play the game types you need in order to clear a challenge, things would be much easier, but then again you wouldn’t spend three hours playing while praying that the RNG gods will favour you in the next match.

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