The game is way more fun WITHOUT the battle pass

Seriously, got it 3 days and I’m already regretting it.

I’m forced to focus on the challenges to progress and it’s way to stressful, not getting the game modes you need, not getting the maps/weapons you need…

Not being able to use your 2 free hours a day to just play whatever you feel like. I’m just gonna pretend I don’t have it and keep having fun. Challenges just suck the soul out of the game.

Not to mention it forces you to play bad.

Lots of people ignoring the objectives, just afking waiting for the weapon/vehicle they need. Ruining the experience of everyone including themselves every game.
And it doesn’t matter at all, you don’t get any reward from getting medals and having the biggest score.

Hell, the person at the bottom of the score that only got 1 kill with a ravager the whole game to complete his challenge gets more experience than the top player.


I hadn’t thought of that. That’s depressing.


THere’s no incentive to win no incentive to play the game mode… The daily challenge is just a sit in game and don’t time out, pretty much.


At this point, why do people who think like this even turn their Xbox on?


At this point why do people like you respond???


Idk, there are lots of quality games on gamepass worth booting up the Xbox for :wink:


Honestly, please explain to me. I’m dying to know.

Hades is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Voicing disapproval creates discussion, discussion creates change.


I get the voicing disapproval, im asking why someone who would afk challenges even turns their Xbox on? If there is people who have this mentality then I need to understand why they do it.

They like to see the numbers go up basically and they want to feel they are accomplishing something. Is it a smart or efficient way to go about it? Not really, and it sucks to see because they don’t have fun and neither do you, but it’s at least understandable why they do it. It can also be justified in their heads as “well once I reach this level and get that armour, I’ll start playing properly” but by then they are already in a routine and either quit because they aren’t stimulated, or continue the grind out of a false sense of necessity.

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Has anyone seen anyone doing this? I’ve not. Is this just something that happens every game at low elo? It’s certainly talked about like it is.

Same reason people used to rubberband controllers and afk farm xp in Reach griffball?

People suck, and if they see a shortcut, some of them will take it. I tried to explain to an afk grinder that this was a cruddy thing to do, and they couldn’t comprehend that the other players were in any way important. Some personalities are just fundamentally selfish.


Bot bootcamp is quickest method, it doesn’t make logical sense what people are claiming.

Feels like a made up argument to fit the narrative.

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Games are beginning to turn into jobs with their progression systems.

From my own experience in Destiny 1 I played mainly for PvE only, but they kept locking certain weapons behind PvP, so I boosted with a friend to skip the grind that wouldn’t have been fun. It’s essentially people skipping unpleasant aspects of the game to get the most enjoyment out of the areas that are enjoyable. In my case I wanted to spend more time playing the parts of the game I want rather than playing the parts that the game tells me to, while still getting the cool new stuff.

In Halo Infinite’s case it’s a similar situation, but their goal is to return to playing how they want to play, while still getting the cool new stuff.

I’m not surprised this is becoming more common. If challenges aren’t fun, or are too oddly specific this is the result. Simply put it’s bad design.


100% agree. I’ve seen players not go for objectives and only for specific weapon kills. People have quit mid-game when they don’t get the gun they need. Didn’t get CTF? Quit right away. Didn’t get Oddball? Quit right away. Someone picked up the ravager before you? Quit and try again.

The Battle pass is really pulling people from playing as a team and only doing solo play for their respective challenges. Literally had a guy just stand around the bulldog because I’m assuming he had a challenge for it.


Go to bot bootcamp, it happens there too, but it obviously isn’t the only place and not everyone even knows yet that you can get xp there, certainly not the peoole who are only logging on to AFK grind xp and nothing else.

It is definitely happening, there are loads of posts talking about individual experiences, I haven’t personally seen it, but then I also don’t really pay attention to what others are doing unless it is ranked, where people are least likely to do this. I also know it happens a lot in other games too, it’s easy to find if you look for it. Obviously the higher elo you are, the less likely you are to see it, why would an afk player ever have a high elo? Doesn’t make any sense.

You’re very dismissive of this lol, makes you hard to reason with mate :joy:


Yeah so AFKers would be bronze tier right… Which is less than 2% of the population. Won’t the AFKers play each other?

The obliviousness of players in general makes the idea that players are quitting if they don’t get a frequently spawning weapon claims just outlandish. There’s some arguments I get really stuck on getting my head around because the claims are beyond the realms of reasonable expectations.


Ah, modern Reach Grifball lobbies have spread!

They would be, but not always. We can’t expect they will afk every single game, we also can’t expect that new afk accounts are not joining to grind too. Most of them will be in bronze you are right but it only takes noticing one to put a damper on your experience.

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