The game is redeemable

Infinite is far from being dead in the water, no matter how much a toxic, vocal minority spew endless hyperbole about its issues. Mechanically it is completely fixable, and even though their communication hasn’t been great several indications have been ckesrky made that they have every intent on improving things moving forward.

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Totally, it has a healthy playerbase. Will it maintain it? That remains to be seen, if this Feb update is a big one, I think that will really boost the population and will maintain it until May. Then hopefully May really brings us a big chunk of content and fixes to the bad systems in teh game

Plenty a game has made a turn around, No mans sky being perhaps the most notable, the game can be redeemed, no question there.

The real issues come from when you ask why it needs to be redeemed in the first place.

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